Pull-to-Refresh and More Added in Latest Update

The latest update of WordPress for Android is now available. Version 2.7 brings some great new features along with it. Read on to find out more!


Pull to Refresh
You can now refresh content in the app by using the familiar pull-to-refresh gesture. Just swipe down on any screen in the app and you’ll get the freshest content available for that screen.

Performance Improvements

We also worked hard on making the app perform faster and more efficiently behind the scenes:

  • Your stats have been optimized to load and scroll faster than ever before.
  • Posts and Pages now support infinite scroll so you can easily load more content.
  • Media upgrades let you see content faster and scroll more smoothly.
  • We improved the post editor — it now uses less of your device’s memory when adding media to a post.

Much More

This release includes many more small enhancements and fixes. Curious what they are? Check out the GitHub milestone for more info.

Excited for the update? Download it now from Google Play.

Contributor Thanks & What’s Next

We owe a big thanks to the contributors who helped make this release happen: @nbradbury, @maxme, @roundhill, @daniloercoli and @aagam-shah

Up next, we want to focus on post drafts and even better media management.

Be sure to follow WPAndroid for all of the latest updates.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Thank you for all your hard work on this app. I use it daily. Since this last update, I have been unable to post to my self hosted blog. I re-installed the app and now I cannot even add my self hosted blog to the app. The error says, “We can’t log you in” “Couldn’t connect to the WordPress site”. On another device that I did not uninstall the app on, when I go to refresh my posts it says, “Posts could not be refreshed at this time”. Has anyone else reported this problem? Thanks for you attention to this matter.

  2. You write about improvements?
    If you wanna improve this app make it reasonsbly possible to save and leave the editor
    Dont understand what i mean?
    Not surprised.

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