WordPress for iOS 4.0 Released


New and improved stats

WordPress for iOS 4.0 is out today and available to download from the App Store. For this release, we focused on improving a favorite feature among our users: stats. We’ve reimagined your stats view, converting it from a traditional web view to a completely native component. Simply put, your stats are now faster and more stable, and in time we’ll add more bells and whistles to make your stats more dynamic and even better. As this is a work-in-progress, you’re still able to access your old stats view, so you won’t miss out on anything.

What’s next

Our team is currently focused on 4.0.1, a janitorial/cleanup release that will focus on fixing bugs and making minor tweaks. Once finished, we’ll shift to 4.1, which will focus on media management within the app. We’re really excited about these upcoming changes and can’t wait to release them!

A huge thanks to the contributors who worked on this release: @aerych, @dannylagrouw, @ric2z, @roundhill, @astralbodies, @sendhil, @bummytime, @irbrad, @koke, @maxme, and @itsaboutcode.

If you’d like to get involved with WordPress for iOS development, drop us a line at make.wordpress.org/mobile and grab a copy of the code at github.com/wordpress-mobile/WordPress-iOS.

Do you have feedback? Leave a comment below or tweet us @WordPressiOS.

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  2. Still some glitches

    On iPhone cannot position cursor after last character in post.

    Cannot always easily get back out of the options window.

  3. Hey cb – thanks for the notifications on the bugs. We are aware of the cursor one. What happens that you can’t easily back out of the options window? Could you describe it or perhaps take a picture?

  4. Another thing … Don’t know the correct term … When you hold down finger on text and get the magnifying glass with an insertion bar in order to insert text … Much much too sensitive on iPhone 5s … Same for attempting to drag selection to expand or shrink selection … Too sensitive … Scrolls up and down too fast

    Previous sensitivity was better

  5. It does not. Just checked the Apple Notes App. It is OK.

    The increased sensitivity is noticeable between 3.9.1 and 4.0

  6. Hmmm, it may get solved in 4.0.1 coming out next week, we’ve tweaked the text editor some to fix a few bugs.

  7. Enhancement Request (for future) – add a ‘Search’ option to the ‘Posts’ section to more easily find ancient posts. This would eliminate the need for endless scrolling and searching.

  8. Regarding the disappearing blue top banner that allows you to go back from the options on a new post … I have reproduced the exact cause.

    It occurs if you create a new post give it a title but no content and then try to set the options.

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