Now Available: New Reader, Easier Setup and Improved UI

WordPress for Android 2.6

The latest update to WordPress for Android includes a new reading and setup experience, as well as significant updates to the user interface. Here are some of the highlights of this release.

New Reader

The app Reader has been completely redesigned, and now provides a much-improved, native reading experience. You’ll definitely notice its speed — posts appear in a snap, and images fade in as they load. You can also view users that have commented or liked posts, as well as edit the list of tags that you follow. We’ve revamped the like, reblog, and comment interfaces to make it easier than ever to respond to posts that strike your fancy.

Redesigned Blog Setup

When signing in to the app or creating an account on, you’ll notice a brand new user interface that makes it super-simple to start blogging. If you keep multiple blogs on your account, they will all be automatically added for you. You can also hide whichever blogs you don’t wish to work on in the app.

UI Improvements

We’ve given the app a facelift, including a new color scheme, a refined navigation drawer layout, and sharp-looking lists in notifications, posts, pages and comments.

You’ll also notice some changes to the post editor, with larger images and a new Post Settings area where you’ll manage post data such as status, post formats, and categories, among others. The post content area will now go full screen while you are editing, to give you maximum space to focus on your content. Give the app a try here:

Download the update today from Google Play.

What’s next?

A big thanks to all of the contributors who worked so hard on this release: aerych, daniloercoli, Jason-Chen, maxme, nbradbury and roundhill!

The mobile team isn’t stopping here! We have pretty big plans for the months to come and the rest of 2014. You can keep up with the development progress over at You can also follow the app on twitter @WPAndroid.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Hi, I work for a non-profit and I would like to use the source code to develope our app. The problem that i find is that the reader doesn’t load when i run the app from the source code. I know this is due to Oath2 permission. I there anyway I could load the reader? This would be an essential part of the app. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi there,

    Just a heads up…since the latest update I can not insert files or media files anymore, the select files button not working.

    Hope this will be solved soon.

    Android version 4.3

  3. Hi,
    Just a heads up, since the latest update inserting files and media is not possible any more, the select files button refuses to work.
    Hope this will be fixed soon.
    Android version 4.3

  4. I have found that if I save a draft on my mobile, it will not sync and appear on the web version. It means that I have effectively lost half of my work and being disabled I don’t have the energy or ability to re-write everything that I wrote on my mobile. Is there a way of it being transferred automatically? Is there a way of transferring the data across?
    Many thanks

  5. Hey. Great app. Tx.

    However, when sharing medias through the Android Share function, it would be great to be able to add a category. Or perhaps, add the ability to set a default category for media sharing in the wordpress app settings.

  6. I see no way to look for a blog in the Reader, either by its URL nor by tag matching (can follow a tag, but not SEARCH for posts with a tag). Is that so, or am I too dumb to see it?

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