Powerful Media Handling, New Theme Browser, Better Stats, and More


As more and more of you blog on the go, the mobile WordPress experience needs to keep up! Head to Google Play today to download the newest WordPress for Android update, a big release that makes posting and administration simpler and more beautiful.

Media Library

The app can now access all the files in your Media Library. Edit the Title, Description or Caption for any item. with a few taps, add any media to a post, or upload photos and videos from your phone or tablet right to your Media Library.

Gallery Support

Create tiled galleries with items in your Media Library, no photo editing software necessary. Long-press to select multiple media items, and tap the gallery button to create a new gallery. From there, choose your preferred gallery style and reorder your images with drag and drop.

WordPress.com Theme Browser

If you have a WordPress.com blog, theme browser allows you to browse for, preview, and activate a new theme for your site right from your device. Looking for a particular theme or theme feature? Head to the ‘Themes’ menu in the navigation drawer, search using the ActionBar, and see results instantly. (Note: you’ll need administrator rights for the site to use the theme browser.)

Native Stats

We’ve overhauled the stats view, replacing the web-based version with a much faster (and better looking!) version. Use the filter in the ActionBar to review key stats at a glance:

  • Visitors and Views
  • Totals, Followers & Shares
  • Clicks
  • Referrers
  • Search Engine Terms

If you’re hungry for more, you can still view the full stats site by tapping ‘View full site’ in the overflow menu.

PIN Lock

In the app settings, you’ll find an option to enable PIN Lock to protect your site’s content. When enabled, the app will ask you to enter the PIN lock code every time you return to the app.

(Developers! We made the PIN Lock an open source library that you can drop into your app to add the same functionality. See details at https://github.com/wordpress-mobile/Android-PasscodeLock.)

Thanks and What’s Next

Big thanks to all of the hard-working contributors that helped get this release out the door: xtreme-fredrich-ombico, daniloercoli, roundhill, maxme, nbradbury and aerych!

Expect another big update soon that adds a native WordPress.com Reader, as well as a revamped welcome and blog setup experience.

What do you think of the update? Drop us a comment here or follow us @WPAndroid.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. You can share the images you want to add to the Media Library. Once they have been uploaded to the Media Library you can long-press to select multiple images and add them to a Gallery.

  2. From what i can tell the focus is on wordpress.com blogs.

    I am using a self hosted blog, and i cannot get mobile push notifications (which is available since version 2.4)

    The amount of features are amazing, but try to make them available for the whole blogging world.

  3. Stats didn’t work after upgrading from PlayStore. After logging out and in again I at least got some numbers, but referrers and so on are still not working. 🙁

  4. i miss the ability to see the view count by countries 🙁
    Sad to see it gone.
    Also ability to remove spam comments should be provided within the app instead of opening the browser.
    Good update. Much Neater 🙂

  5. Congrats you broke the stats completely – good a bit faster – numbers I can read without my glasses – the rest is junk – sorry

    no numbers to show what the bars mean – 5 views, 50, 500, 5,000?? no idea
    Follows, shares and such in that box – Maybe I look at that once a month
    No country totals
    No page / post views for which ones are getting traffic

    I used to look at the stats with the App – not anymore – I would look at the views & visitors – swipe down to see country traffic – referrers in case someone was sending me new traffic (sometimes I get picked up by a news magazine and put on their from page – so the referrers would let me see that they had promoted me to their front page) – then down to see what pages / posts got the most traffic and was the traffic changing (different Post showing up high on the count)

    you can still view the full stats site by tapping ‘View full site’ in the overflow menu.

    Not a clue where the “overflow menu” is – and I just checked yet again with the App –

    How about a smart App? Give a check box config that folks can have the things they want to see – not need to keep clicking on new check marks to load something else

    The 7 days or 7 bars in place of the 30 bars – fine – don’t care one way or the other

    Don’t post from the App so the other things don’t mean anything to me

    Great leap backwards

  6. My stats quit working after a recent app update, using android version 2.5. Tried deleting and reinstalling app with no luck. Any suggestions?

  7. I spend a lot of my time in the app looking at stats. It’s inconvenient to only get basic numbers now, and then have to use the web browser for more details like top posts, etc. It was better the way it was done before.

  8. I agree with these points. They are all the first things I noticed. No scale on the views chart. Now I can’t use the app to see who’s following–I can only see the number. Why wouldn’t those boxes be clickable? I have to go the website?

    I find that the Reader is better. Thank you for a good development there.

    Overall, I find accessing my stats harder than before. Maybe it’s just a learning curve, but I will be disappointed to find that I have to go to the site to find stats that I had on the app before.

  9. Hello. My WP mobile app (Android) was updated and ever since then I have absolutely no stats. I updated my blog site with the latest WP version thinking that might help, but that didn’t help. Can you please correct this so I can check my stats, something I do frequently from my mobile app? I read that some mention numbers with no bars showing trends and tracking what is going on, and I hope that you will return the bars, or some other visually easy way of tracking trends. It’s important to me to visually see the difference between visitors and views, and I don’t want to log in with my PC to see, especially since that is not usually feesible or available.

    Thank you. Trusting this will be corrected speedily.

  10. I agree with those of you that are unhappy with the update. I really liked being able to use the app to get a quick look at my stats – since the update rolled out I basically have no use for the app and have been accessing my dashboard via the website instead. Quite disappointing.

  11. Thanks for the feedback on stats. We’re working on the new system to provide Country Views and Post Views right now, so look for those to be added in the next update.

  12. The visitors/views bars are there. Can you try uninstalling/reinstalling the app to see if that gets stats working for you again?

  13. no numbers to show what the bars mean – 5 views, 50, 500, 5,000?? no idea

    We discovered a bug that was not displaying the vertical labels. They will be fixed in the next update!

    No country totals
    No page / post views for which ones are getting traffic

    These will be added in the next update, too.

    Not a clue where the “overflow menu” is – and I just checked yet again with the App –

    Depending on your device, this is either the 3 dots in the top-right, or press the menu button on your device.

  14. Y’all really messed this app up.

    Now i have NO Stats whatsoever, and i really liked that feature.

    I did try replying to a comment but that ended with an error after i spent 10 minutes typing it.

    Without the sugarcoating ~ this app is a POS!

    Sorry but i just deleted it from my phone. Total Garbage!

  15. My stats showed 0s for a few days. They are finally showing data now. However, the ‘weeks’ and ‘month’s tabs only show today’s stats and not the week or monthly stats. The bar chart also has never worked. It says “no stats available” where the bar chart should be, but it does show stats under that box..

    Also, even though it’s almost working, I still need to click ‘Refresh’ button. The initial loading of the ‘Visitors and Views’ says 0s and doesn’t initial refresh/load my data.

    The ‘Clicks’, ‘Referrers’, and ‘Search Engine Terms’ still say ‘no clicks/referrers/search terms’. Even though, my dashboard lists lots of clicks, referrers, and search terms. These three pages still doesn’t work.

    Also, the most useful stat – views per page for Today and Yesterday is missing. Also there’s no way to see the visitors and views for yesterday. The first tab shows today’s but there’s no way to see yesterdays.

    Lastly, is it possible to include a link to this blog/site in the application. I would have submitted these errors and problems a few days ago, but I didn’t know where to submit the problems. If you need more beta testers, please add a link to that in the About app screen alongside a link to this site.

    Overall, I really enjoyed how the stats used to be one page. It made the app quick and easy to get a feel for everything at a glance. Now, it requires multiple tabbing to see less data. Great app, but please consider reducing the number of tabs or removing the tabs/sections all together.


    Using HTC Incredible Droid

  16. I love the wordpress app on my Android phone, but I was very disappointed to discover that the stats page is broken in 2.5.
    Obviously, the issues are being noted and I’m sure the next update will fix it. To contrast against the whiney selfish moaners, can I just say thank you to all the developers? I get so much out of what you do, and it doesn’t even cost anything. Too good to be true, you are all stars.
    I didn’t know about the beta tester Google group, and have applied to join. (I certainly would have picked up a problem with the stats page, as it’s one of the main reasons I use the app, along with creating draft posts).
    Thanks again!

  17. The most powerful feature of this app is its customizing media content which i loved the most. The app really helps those who don’t have desktops.

  18. Hi Dan I’m trying to access my stats! But its asking for a wordpress.com User name and password! I’m putting in my isername and password for my wordpress.org site and its saying it invalid, can you please to assist

  19. You will need to have the Jetpack plugin installed and activated to access stats. Once that is done you just enter the same WordPress.com credentials that you used to connect Jetpack with WordPress.com. You can learn more over at http://jetpack.me

  20. Help! Anybody!

    Starting a few days ago, my WordPress Android App wont load individual posts from reader anymore. When I tap on “reader”, I see all my previews, but when I tap on an individual preview, I only see “Blog I Follow” and a blank white screen, and no tapping works. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing data, etc., but nothing works.

    I’m having exactly the same problem Julie Stewart is having and which she reviewed over at the Google Play app store.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  21. Hi, and Happy Holidays. I just downloaded and installed WordPress for Android. It asked me to login, which I did. I can look at everything on the menu, but for stats. It asks me to loginn again, but gives me an error message saying incorrect login. Of course this makes no sense, since I just used it to log in. What to do. I’m using an Samsung, S3.
    Thanks in advance.

  22. You’ll need the Jetpack plugin installed and activated to access stats. Once it is set up, you enter your WordPress.com credentials when prompted at the stats screen. More info on Jetpack at http://jetpack.me

  23. Great, so enter the WordPress.com login that you used when connecting Jetpack when you’re prompted at the stats screen.

  24. Are you saying there’s a different login for Jetpack? I entered my WordPress blog login, the same one I used to initially login to the app, but it didn’t work. What other login is there?

  25. Thanks, Dan. As it turns out, that was unnecessary (although I did it). The problem lay in my S3, which has a million bugs. After I rebooted, it worked fine.

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