WordPress is Now Ready for iOS 7

Apple is releasing iOS 7 today, and for the past few months we’ve worked on an update that goes great with it.


Quoting Hugo Baeta, who has been leading the design aspects of this release:

The app now uses the Open Sans typeface, the open-source font that works so well on WordPress.com. We also updated all the colors, bringing a brighter, fresher feel to the app experience. (And while we were at it, we fixed a few pesky bugs.) We think you’ll find the new app experience cheerful, consistent, and intuitive.

Grab the new version on the App Store!
Compatible with iOS 6+

What’s next?

We wanted to focus this release on iOS 7 only, but we have a few other improvements coming up: a new theme selector, better media management, and visual editor, as well as other improvements to existing features, including a refresh of the iPad version.

WordPress for iOS App Icon Fall 2013

The new app icon

A huge thanks to the eight contributors who worked on this release: @hugobaeta, @sendhil, @koke, @astralbodies, @irbrad, @h4xnoodle, @daniloercoli, and @isaackeyet.

If you would like to get involved with WordPress for iOS development, drop us a line at make.wordpress.org/mobile and grab a copy of the code at github.com/wordpress-mobile/WordPress-iOS.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. It’s not a bug, it’s that way by choice. We found embedding the whole web admin inside the app was confusing for many users.

    We are evaluating other ways to give power users that feature without confusing the rest, but meanwhile we send you to safari.

    The improvements on iOS 7 keychain should help: Safari syncs passwords between OSX and iOS devices.

  2. No error. This is embarassing, but I cannot skip the three intro pages “Welcome”, “Sign in” or “Create an account”. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  3. Sorry about that, we have a fix ready for the next release. Meanwhile you can set categories from the post settings (the tab with the gear icon)

  4. Has it been fixed that Video from iPhone posted to a self hosted wordpress site work/play in Firefox and IE browsers? The .mov files appear as grey boxes there.

    I’ve tried VideoPress, but found out after it was too late (I paid) that it only works with WordPress.com blogs. (Applied and still waiting for a refund).


  5. Since the update to iOS 7 I can not connect to my self-hosted WordPress blog that uses a self-signed certificate. It spins at “Authorizing…” forever. Changing the protocol to http works, but is not really a fix.

  6. There are still some “bugs” inside the reader.
    1. A few weeks ago after an update the reader lacks ignoring the “read more” tag in a blog post as before and I’m unable to read the complete post inside the ios reader. I have to click on the “read more” link to load the complete site. That is anoying and forces me quite often to skip reading the whole post.
    2. when loading a whole page, like describes above, I’m unable to ‘like’ it. Instead I have to login to that site or go back to the small preview. That’s anoying, too!

    Please give me an option to load a complete page in the wordpress reader again!

    My guess was, this anoying behaviour was because of changes necessary for ios7. But after updating my device, it’s still the same!

  7. Each time I post something, although I verify that I set it to Public, the post becomes password protected when published. I have to go back in and set it to Public again for anyone to be able to see it. Also, if I save a post as a draft and then try to publish it, it won’t publish and maintains Draft status. I am running iOS7 and the latest updated WP app. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Sorry, but it’s still hard to find a solution that will work across all browsers. For now I’d recommend using Youtube or vimeo for video hosting.

  9. That should happen for posts that are not hosted on WordPress.com, are you following any of those? If not, can you give us an example of a blog that shows that?

  10. The app seems to not notice the change of status until the posts are refreshed, we’ll look into that.

    Can you visit your site after posting and verify if they are actually published?

  11. Yeah, I’m iO7 and iPhone 4S and I cannot login to this new app. Jet pack isn’t recognizing my username or password. Glad to see these comments.

  12. That might be, but why does it happens suddenly after an update and not earlier?
    How can I recognize a selfhosted blog, since wordpress.com also allows custom domains?

  13. before that certain update I was able to read all subscribed blogs in the reader without having to leave it and I also was able to smoothly like or comment on every post I wanted to regardless if a blog ist hosted on wordpress.com or selfhosted (there are some I already knew before)

  14. I had to uninstall/reinstall the WP app from my iphone because I changed the username on one of my blogs and it wouldn’t let me edit on the edit blog screen. Only allows me to edit the password, not the username. 🙁

    So I thought this would fix it but now it won’t let me log in! I reinstalled fresh WP app on my phone, created the login, and it keeps timing out saying it is unable to find a WordPress site at that URL??? WHAAAAAT???? I’m ready to throw my phone against a wall, I’ve been wrestling with this all friggin morning! The URL is correct, the username is correct, the password is correct….WHY won’t it work???

  15. OK, nevermind….now it works. I finally thought to put www on the URL. It shouldn’t need that, though but that made it finally work. FINALLY!!

  16. I can’t get it to bring up the stats screen. I tried re-installing it a few times since I upgraded to ios 7 on my iphone 4.5 It gives me an authentication error, which is strange because I can bring up all of the other screens on the app, just not that one.

  17. I have exactly the same Problem after install iOS7 and the last Update from WordPress App. First one I have “Network error” Message and after de- and reinstall the App I cannot login anymore. Error message “cannot find a WordPress Blog under the URL”

  18. Hello all, I have also Login Problems with my self hosted WordPress Blog. The WordPress Version is 3.6.1 DE Edition. And I secure my Blog with a .htaccess file.
    After I install iOS7 and the latest WordPress App on my iPhone and iPad I have the error message “Network error”. After de- and reinstall the App I cannot login anymore. Error message “cannot find a WordPress Blog under this URL” (I translate this from German, I hope the error message in English it the same)
    Is the .htaccess file Protection a Problem with this Version?

  19. What happened to the ability to work with comments in batches? Now I have my list of comments, I have to click on each comment, go in and do what I want to do, go back out to the list, then into the next comment, then out again, then in, we’ll, you get it. Very annoying if you have lots of comments pending, which we often have.

  20. In the latest release up/down arrows on my Logitech keyboard are broken in WordPress; they don’t do anything. They still work fine in other apps like Notes.

  21. I’ve encountered a lot of bugs since the upgrade.
    These are the ones I rember, and that seriously ruin the experience.
    1: I can’t select a row with just a few characters on it, i have to put the marker just on the character on that line, otherwise it just keeps selecting the row above or below.
    2: I just edited a draft post that I started on my computer. when I went into the app the formating of the text was all messed up. And when I opened it back up on my computer the formating was ruined again, and the hyperlink i created in the App didn’t work it was just a ruined pice of code. Probably because of the broken formating.

  22. I am getting the same thing! It is SO annoying as all of my readers who get posts through email can’t access them because it says they are password protected! How can that be fixed?

  23. I posted two blog posts from the new app and both became password protected somehow after posting even though I chose “public.” This never used to happen and that is very annoying as my readers who get the blog posts via email could not access them. What can be done to fix this? I cannot post from the app if it keeps putting on a password even though I did not want it.

  24. Do they work ok on other non-Apple apps. There seems to be something wrong with text views on iOS7. We’re looking into it but it’ll probably require a fix from Apple

  25. has anyone reported issues with uploading images via app post ios7 update? my posts are uploading, but the images are giving me an error when i try to upload.

  26. i attach the picture and it just sits there and says “upload failed”, i can click it and it will attempt it again but fail again. as far as i know this was working until ios 7 update. i have requested both the web server be checked for space available and other users on android to attempt posts w/ images.

  27. I m using wp youtube gallery plugin and it’s been great. But now after ios 7 update on my ipad, this problem has occurred:

    The video widget only shows the video erratically – sometimes it’s visible, sometimes it’s not!

    I get a yellow background in the widget area instead of the video. But the video is there: if I click the yellow background it starts playing, only I can’t see it – only hear the audio.

    So I guess I can no longer trust this plugin to always show the video on Ipad.

    Any idea what’s wrong or what to do?

  28. Moderating comments is a step down from the previous version. Previously, on the comments screen, I could swipe left on the comment and the options for approve, trash, and spam would appear for me to select.

    Now, I have to click on the comment, and choose the action. Also, when deleting, I get the message “are you sure” and there is no way to disable this. This is brutal if you have 10-15 spam comments to delete.

    The previous swipe left function is sorely needed.

  29. Guys I now can’t get he app to load at all. Updated to iOS 7 yesterday (with the latest WP updates a few days ago), and opened it tonight, clicked on “reader” and it immediately shut. Now I can’t get it to open at all. Click the app, I get the blue welcome screen, and then it quits. Help! I rarely get to my lappy these days and do all my blogging from the iPad, so I need the app to actually work!

  30. Downloaded it, and the button switches in “OPEN” in the app store, but clicking on it does nothing. Tried searching for it on my iPhone (manually, since Spotlight Search still doesn’t work for me in iOS 7), and it’s not there. iOS 7 problem?

  31. Cannot use WordPress on iPad for last two days. Had auto updates on, it started doing one and is still trying. It also won’t let me delete it and try and re-install. It’s just ‘waiting’ constantly. Completely unusable on my iPad and now causing me massive problems after 2 days, please help, thanks

  32. The swiping toolbar probably won’t come back but we’re looking at ways we can better the flow. A simple thing would be to bring in the standard “Delete” option on swipe.

  33. I can’t seem to change the password for my blog. All the info is correct but when I click save, I get this error message.

    “Sorry, Can’t login. Please update your credential and try again. ”

    Tried a few times and now I’m locked out of my desktop login for too many failed logins.

    Is this another bug?

  34. Hello,

    Since recently I am unable to connect to my password protected family blog using this great app. It spins at “Authorizing..” forever. The moment I turn off basic authentication, it works again. I am sure this still worked around mid September, so something in the latest releases must have broken this support.

    Is this an issue that can be fixed? I would love to be able to use this app again..

    Many thanks.


  35. we’re having a problem in that when we set a featured image it appears on the post page but not in the blog roll …. i can’t work out if its my theme or the app?

    any ideas?

  36. In the later versions I am unable to access my family blog that is password protected using basic authentication. In the versions out early September this was for sure working. Something broke in the later versions. When I try to authenticate, it just stays spinning on “authenticating” forever.. Disabling basic authentication on my blog ‘fixes’ the problem.. So it must be the app..

    Is this a bug that is scheduled to be fixed? I hope so.. I miss the app.

  37. hello wonderful people,

    so I thought I would get the iPhone 5S as I miss the iphone and the wordpress app I previously had that would enable to post on my self hosted word press blog. So I get my new phone, download the app and try and connect and it just sits on ‘authenticating’. My self hosted site is running 3.6.1, and like ‘Franky’ i have a .htaccess fiel to secure my site. Every time I try and connect I just sits on authenticating. I have tried through testing, restoring default theme on my blog and disabling all plugins but to no avail. Very frustrating given this was one of the things I was hanging out for, does sound like the app didnt go through any real UAT so I’m hoping this can get resolved soon

    Help 🙂

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