Improved Categories Experience

Today, we released an update to WordPress for Android that adds some nifty improvements to selecting and adding categories:

  • Removing categories: you can remove individual categories from a post instead of being forced to clear them out all at once.
  • Sorted categories: the category selection view is properly sorted by sub categories.
  • Adding categories: a new category will be properly inserted in the category list instead of at the bottom — and will be selected by default.

Here are some screenshots of the new UI:

What’s next?

We’re getting closer to releasing some big updates, including Media Library support, better Account Setup, and a native Reader.

Any thoughts on the new categories experience? Drop a comment here or follow us @WPAndroid to let us know!


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  1. This new version now seems to limit the size of the images I put in my post to a max of 500 pixels. I haven’t changed a single setting within WordPress, but with this update I went from having the slider bar that allowed me to size my images up to 570 pixels (or 600, or whatever I wanted, but 570 is what I need), to a slider bar that maxes out at 500 pixels. Was this intentional or is it some glitch that can be fixed somewhere in the app’s settings?

  2. Yes, you can fix it by pressing the menu key then select ‘Settings’. Next tap your blog at the top and change the ‘Default Image Width’ to something larger like 600px for your case.

  3. Thank you, Dan!! I had looked in settings but didn’t realize you could get to additional info by tapping on the specific blog. Much appreciated!

  4. I would love to see the kitchen sink in the app. There is no way to center text and adjust the position of a photo uploaded from mobile.
    And I would love to understand why when commenting upon someone’s blog that you are not identified by your account (or site) but rather! This behooves me.

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