You've Got Notifications!

Version 2.4 of WordPress for Android: Notifications panel on a Samsung Galaxy S3Need to get your or Jetpack notifications on the go? With version 2.4 of WordPress for Android you’ll see all your Notifications right on your Android device.

Step away yet stay connected

With the new streamlined Notifications view, you can step away from your computer but still stay connected to your readers. With just a few taps you can:

  • Read comments and reply.
  • Moderate new pending comments.
  • Get stats highlights.
  • See your new followers and follow them back.
  • See who liked your posts.

Don’t need so many notifications? You can turn off specific notification types (for example “Likes”) in the Settings panel. You can also mute entire blogs if it gets too noisy.

Self-hosted blogs get to join the party, too! Simply connect your blog using the Jetpack plugin and your self-hosted blog’s notifications will appear. Already have Jetpack set up? Then you don’t need to do a thing.

Pending notifications in the notification center

See what’s going on with your blog quickly.

Replying to comments from the notification center

Reply to comments with ease.

Additional improvements and bug fixes

We also added a few more nifty features in this release:

  • A new menu icon has been added that matches up with the latest ‘Holo’ design guidelines.
  • Settings and Sign out options have been added to the overflow menu for easier access.
  • New fonts added for easier readability.
  • … and many more small bug fixes and reliability improvements.

What’s next?

We’ve got some great new features in the works including improvements to Media, Account Setup, and the Reader.

A huge thanks to the contributors that worked on this release: beaucollins, daniloercoli, mrroundhill, isaackeyet, and aagam94.

How do you like the new Notifications? Drop a comment here or follow us @WPAndroid to let us know!


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  1. This surely was a major update I guess. Loads of good features. Looking forward to the Account setup improvements. Thanks..!

  2. Ack, why you only have this app available on Google Play? What about Android devices that are locked to the Amazon market? Just don’t want them to use your app?
    What about other Android deices that are locked out of Google Play? Don’t want them to use your app either?

    You realize there’s millions of Android devices that can’t use google play, right?

  3. Further why would you nofollow the commenter’s links? Pretty rude.

    Please don’t say it helps reduce spam – I know better. Over 100 WordPress sites under my belt. The bots care not whether the links are nofollowed or not. They will still come to the website and fill out the form.

    Using Askimet or something similar will help as will human moderation.

  4. Great app! Would be nice to have push notifications for posts, however. (For those of us with blogs that have multiple authors) 🙂

  5. I’d love to get the .apk without using any app store, google play, anything like that at all.. any chance of a direct download?

  6. include some sort of advanced search (server search) of posts
    allowing specifying of keywords, categories, tags, metadata and boolean operators
    ex something like
    app store title:releases author:Dan inclcomments:no dateafter:20100403 location:geneva

  7. I would need any kind of search for pages.
    As you have more than 20 pages it is pain finding wanted one. You forget what was small edit you wanted to do.
    When can we expect search (posts/pages/c.types) function or is hidden somewhere jet?

    thanks for great work to all developers

  8. This could already be a wanna-hav/gotta-hav feature here that complements existing android app. It is possibly disruptive/killer to cause adoption among note taking folks. With search the current android app/wordpress Server combo is almost a note-taking app. If one designs the edit/search interface from that aspect. People can use a private blog for note-taking. The post edit screen could use more functionality to rich text, media attachments, doodles, voice attachments, and a search interface that allows one to back and forth ones posts/notes all the way to time immemorial. In the minimum for now, just adding search should do it. Both note takers and blog readers can also have advanced search at their finger tips. Perhaps for blog readers, suggestions for similar content blogs may create more blogosphere value and movement. Even maybe copy/grabbing informative content/scaps from a public blog to a private blog as one’s own private study blog would not constitute a copyright issue either.
    The app already has a multi blog/wordpress server which already allows it to connect to multiple blogs. There is a functionality asymmetry here in that some blogs one only reads, and to blogs one owns one also edits. It would be added functionality if one could hop to blogs. I am looking forward to a blogging+note-taking duo. My thanks and appreciation to the volunteers and developers of wordpress.

    I am thinking even as I right this. I wonder if a firefox-extension would also do the trick to ease universal searching/browsing/grabbing and personal searching/posting/editing

  9. Found three other things:
    * The word press extensions seemed not too useful, possibly they are not official either.
    * In the browser (firefox)!/my-blogs/
    is as good as an App, and the minimum search is as is on website
    and is smartphone browser friendly.
    The above link is as useful as the android app but within the browser
    * The android app also has a view website section, which also presents
    the same web interface directly instead of the apps usual sections.
    and so one can do the minimal search from there.

  10. hgkamath, it is hard to understand what you say.
    You did review capabilities of (mobile) WordPress. I knew what’s possible. I have a project that have plenty of pages in tree structure. I like quick editor in WP Android app, because it loads fast even on slow connections. But to load wanted page you have to load morem, load more,… and than you pass by it or page doesn’t exist yet… Just simple search would speed up my work.
    I have plenty of World changing ideas, anyway. But that goes way out of topic.

  11. My Image uploads give server error 500 every time. Any ideas? I’m on Android Samsung SIII. Using site. Can create blog post, take images for it, and then when try to publish – it errors out.

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    This new feature has been implemented on the website.
    Simply download WordPress for Android (or WordPress for iOS) and connect using your account.

    PS. It is recommened that you Register on our site using the Account Option.

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