Version 2.3 is Here: New User Interface and More

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: menu drawer and action bar

Today, we’ve jubilantly released version 2.3 of WordPress for Android to Google Play. After updating, you’ll see right away that this release includes very exciting updates to the user interface. Let’s dive in to what’s new!

Action Bar

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: action bar on a Nexus 7
You’ll notice a fresh, new look. We’ve taken into account Android’s “Holo” style guidelines and implemented the Action Bar interface throughout the app. If you’ve used any other apps designed for Android 4.0 or higher, you’ll feel right at home with the new user interface. Your Action Bar provides easy access to common actions such as creating a new post, refreshing, and sharing to other apps.

We also couldn’t resist making the Action Bar in WordPress blue. 😉

Menu Drawer

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: menu drawer on Samsung Galaxy S3

The older-style dashboard user interface has been replaced with a Menu Drawer for quick and easy navigation to other areas of the app from wherever you are. You’ll find all of the same actions the dashboard had, but with the addition of some nifty new ones.

To access the menu, simply tap the arrow next to the WordPress logo — in the top-left corner of the app — or swipe from the left side of the screen. If you’re on a large tablet device, the menu will always be visible, which takes advantage of the extra screen space. If you have multiple blogs in the app, you’ll see a drop-down list at the top of your Menu Drawer that you can access to quickly switch to another blog to work with, right in the app.

When you leave the app, it will remember the last selection you made in the Menu Drawer so when you return, you can pick up where you left off.

Other new features

In addition to the revamped user interface, you’ll find these new features as well:

  • View Site option. A View Site option has been added to the Menu Drawer so you can view your blogs from within the app.
  • Admin area access. You can access the wp-admin areas of your blogs by loading the Dashboard option in the Menu Drawer.
  • Faster loading. The Reader now takes advantage of caching for faster loading.
  • Updated look and feel. Settings have been converted to use the Android standard for preferences, giving them the Holo look and feel on supported devices. Many views have been updated to the Holo look and feel as well, including the post editor and all list views.
  • Improved post editor experience. The post editor now has an expandable content area, which makes it much easier to navigate around the post content when you’re editing.
  • Improved image uploading. If a post has an image but fails to upload the image, the post will be saved as a draft first — instead of published — so the image upload can be corrected.

Thanks — and what’s next

We thank the developers who worked so hard on this release — mrroundhill, willnorris, isaackeyet, daniloercoli and aerych — as well as the beta testers who tried out the app over at the Developer Blog. Great work, all!

We also thank Jake Wharton and Simon Vig Therkildsen for creating the ActionBarSherlock and android-menudrawer libraries that enabled us to use the Action Bar and Menu Drawer on older Android devices. Good stuff!

What’s next? We’re looking at adding notifications to the app so you can keep up with what’s happening on your WordPress sites while mobile and on the go.

What would you like to see added to the app?

Want to contribute?

Don’t forget that WordPress for Android is an open source project. Want to get involved? Check out to get started.

Finally, we’re always excited to get feedback on the app. Please feel free to leave a comment here or send a tweet to @WPAndroid.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. As someone still stuck on Gingerbread who doesn’t want to be left out on the new HOLO/ActionBar greatness, thank you.

  2. Sounds great! I’m waiting for the new version to show up on F-Droid. Any chance I can use it to review and clear spam comments?

  3. Nice update, I personally used it on my device looks good, but still lack lots of features which iOS has, specially push notifications

  4. I use WordPress for Android frequently on my phone even though Play store says my phone is incompatible. Downloaded the older version from a direct link posted in the forums. Could you post a direct download link? I love the new UI and I can’t wait to use it.

  5. I find that the stats still take quite a long time to load, and I get the impression that they’re loading a full web page rather than a file full of data which can then be made into something presentable. Is that really the most efficient way of doing it? It’s slow even on Wi-Fi.

  6. How about having a function to upload pictures to your Media Library from your phone.
    The “Quick Photo” doesn’t help me at all.
    I need to be able to upload from my phone or through email to my Media Library.

  7. the shortcut widget to quickest now doesn’t work with the new version now I have to load the app before I can get to the quickest button. more steps not a great improvement

  8. It works ok for me after a quick test. Can you try deleting the QuickPress shortcut and then add it back again?

  9. This is the same issue I am trying to find a resolution for. I really want to manage my media library from the phone and especially upload audio. Would even be great if we could email media to our library like you said. Maybe someone can design a plugin.

  10. This is a nice app and I like it. For some reason it will not log me into my admin on the sites though. It tells me password is incorrect for user. However if I then type the password it logs me in, even if I hit remember it still has the same issue. Is this normal or am I missing a setting somewhere?
    I am running this app on a Google Nexus 7, and trying to set it up for several sites.

  11. Is your password complex? Maybe there’s a special character that the app is having troubles with. Maybe try changing the password temporarily to something simpler to see if that helps? If there’s a character that is messing it up please let us know what it is 😀

  12. Hi,

    Nice App! Thank you. Would it be possible to add a feature that lets you manipulate the view/display size of the video?

  13. Nice App! Any plans to add a feature that would allow video uploads of different display sizes? Basically define the hight and width..

  14. Hey, I am a beginner with WordPress, and I’ll use it from an Android device.
    I tried this app, I like the fact it can work offline (would be unusable for me otherwise).

    But… in the end it is nearly unusable because you have only the “visual edit” version, and you can not see the html code. For example: you insert a link, it works, but if you want to edit it: you can’t! Same for images, I’d like to insert photos that are already online, as I understand, the only way is to make the links myself, as the app has no access to wordpress media gallery.

    But this is no big deal, except that… I cannot edit the link once it is typed… When you enter html code, it is interpreted, but except for bold/italic, you cannot modify it afterwards!

    I could live without the “visual edit”, but I badly need the html view.

    I guess I’ll have to type my text in a notepad android app when offline, and copy paste when online, in my wordpress website, but a wordpress app would be so convenient!

    My need is simple: I simply want to upload text along with some photos, taken during a trip. But I would like to upload my photos in batch first. I have read a trick, where you can add photos to a dummy article, post it, then it populates your wordpress media gallery. Nice. But then, I need to create links manually. Ok, no big deal. Except that the editor insists on interpreting html, and does not allow me to see the “raw” input… I just would love to see two tabs…

  15. I tried to have a look at the code… but well… I am just searching for a simple way to send text + photos on a blog while on vacation…

    It seems the old wordpress android app allowed to see the actual html code, so maybe I can find an old apk? This thing is driving me totally crazy to be honest!!

  16. If you save a post as a draft, then edit it again, you’ll get the HTML editor. We’ll see about adding a setting to the app to disable the visual editor on new posts.

  17. Thanks for this very quick answer!

    I just tried… No need to post as draft to get what you say… I just have to… actually post, using wifi. Then it works as you say.

    But the idea was to save as “local draft”, and if I do that it does not work, I always have the visual editor.

    The other problem with local draft is that even when I switch to “publish” (sorry I don’t know the exact name, as I use it in French), it is still visible as “local draft” in the wordpress draft. And in this case, I am stuck with the visual thing, I don’t see the HTML editor.

    Other bug I am just encountering, I try to publish new posts, it works, but they are now always marked as “local drafts”. They are really published, but the app see them as draft, so the HTML editor is not shown.

    Other bug, I create posts being connected not in wifi, but cellphone data (3G), it works. But when going back to wifi, wow, all the posts I published during data connection seem to disappear!

    When I want to refresh, it does not work immediately (I have to insists) but eventually I get an updated list. And it updates the “local draft” thing, allowing me to modify my posts. Yes!

    But overall, this is really too buggy and risky: my posts disappear, so I guess I’d better save them elsewhere, locally, as text files maybe… And then just cut and paste in the WordPress app…

    Maybe the app is cool to administrate a blog, I don’t know, but for sure, it can not be used to actually post content ! Way too risky/buggy!

    If I had time, I’d have a look at the code, and try and help to correct those nasty bugs, but I am in a position where I was looking for the simplest/fastest way to write posts offline and then push them online when wifi is back…

  18. Good work guys !!! I am using it on Samsung galaxy Tab 2 and it’s running perfectly fine. Well done and Keep updating the minor flaws.

  19. Hello, I installed and see no “Dashboard” option in the menu drawer. I have no idea what’s going on and I need to access my admin. Deal breaker for sure, am not impressed…

  20. Hi Dan, thanks for the reply. I’m still not seeing it anywhere. When I move the drawer out, all I see is:

    – Posts
    – Pages
    – Comments
    – Stats
    – Quick Photo
    – Quick Video
    – View Site

    I don’t see anywhere that says “blog settings.”

    Ideas? I’m apparently just not getting this.

    Thanks MG

  21. is that possible to use wordpress api in our own app to get comment of our blog and reply to them from our mobile app?

  22. Pls someone help me. I downloaded WordPress for my tab and it will not install at all. I download from Google play and it will not install. I deleted and tried over and over but it will not install. Been trying for a week now and am getting so frustrated.
    Pls help me. #Crying.

  23. Where can I find help understanding the interface.

    What do the +/- signs do in notifications (people that liked your post)?
    Why do some notifications have a blue dot next to them?
    Some have a star icon, what’s that?
    Some have a comment icon, what’s that?
    Some have a + sign icon, what’s that?

    If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it.

  24. Sure! +/- means to follow or unfullow the is user.

    The blue dot signifies that the notification hasn’t been read.

    The star icon is for likes and the comment icon is for comments.

  25. Hi,
    when i try to edit post/page I’m just in HTML mode. I would like to switch to Visual mode – is it possible?


  26. I don’t use the app often other than as a reader, but when I do, it often won’t let me publish. Even though I select publish. When I go to publish immediately. The only option I have is to edit. Which takes me back into the loop. It just saves it as a local draft again.

    So I wait and go to my laptop and it isn’t there–anywhere. Not even as a draft.

  27. Great app I have used it for a few years so thanks. But I want to be able to allow users on my site to be able to post pics/vids from their phone without granting admin access to the site. Is it possible or are their settings to allow Editor/Author/Contrbutor with different levels of access to post, approve, etc without having to use admin privileges?

    Thanks in advance

  28. Why dosnt this website offer the wordpress apk as a direct download? Given the popularity of WordPress, I dont see why the Google Play store is the sole distributor of the wordpress apk.

  29. They should still be able to use the app to some extent with those roles. Editor would work best for uploading media.

  30. Is there some kind of size limit for media uploads? With the Android and Windows phone app, I can upload smaller images but not bigger images. I’ve already had my host increase the php.ini so I can upload files bigger than 2 megs. I can upload the same photos through the web interface on my pc/mac but not through the mobile app.

    Have not tried an IOS app yet.

  31. hmm… no luck, I had my host increase it to 128 and I’m still getting the messages. On the Android app, it gives me a 500 error and on the windows phone app, it gives me a NotFound error.

    The blog is a new setup so I’m just doing some testing. I would love for this to work.

  32. looks like it’s no go on the iPad app either. Oddly enough, I check the media library and the files have been uploaded and often is uploaded 3 times.

  33. I’ve been fiddling with settings for a few days. Still no luck. I’ve bumped the memory limit to 256, upload size to 128 and script execute time to 300 seconds. It seems uploading a large photo loses the connection to the server.

    Is there a log I can look at to find more clues as to what’s going on?

  34. This is tough because the Android TextView likes to eat HTML it doesn’t understand when in visual mode, which ruins post content. For now it will show you HTML when editing an uploaded post.

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