2.2.6 Update

Holo in Version 2.2.6

UI Improvements in Version 2.2.6

The 2.2.6 update of WordPress for Android is now available on Google Play.

Changes in this release

  • Small UI Improvements
  • Improved support for connecting over HTTPS.
  • Crash fixes for #394 and #395.
  • Code cleanup and optimization — app size is smaller.

Get involved

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  1. Yeah, I am using it on my HCL ME UI Tab having Android 4.0.3 and the app is running perfectly fine.
    Thanks for the stable release 🙂

  2. I’m unable to upload posts from my android app. I keep getting “failed to upload” messages and they’re not showing up in my desktop as drafts. How can I fix this and what might I be doing wrong? Some that show as “failed to upload” on my phone are showing later as having posted…so I’m just confused.

    Thank you!

  3. I can’t download the app on my android 2.1 phone. It says it’s not compatible with my phone. Not fair to leave us android 2.1 users out. I need this app for my blog. Not fair that I can’t get it.

  4. nice release. started using it from now and loving it it had made my work so easier and time saving thank you wordpress for andriod..

  5. A feature I would like to see would be a paragraph break insert function so that the paragraphs look as though they are properly set apart when I use the Enter key to start a new paragraph. I created a post on my Android phone using this app and it looked as though I created hard line breaks when I saw the results on my site.

  6. Do you think to add the feature of viewing his posts by category ? In the main menu, I can find “Posts” but not “Category”

  7. Thanks for this update. Before this update the application was force closing in my Galaxy Y but now working fine. Also it lags in previous version, which is fine after this update. Thanks once again.

  8. Updated a month ago on both my galaxy s2(having jelly bean) and s duos(having ICS). Its working fine on both the devices. Will recommend it to my blogger friends. 🙂

  9. I’m using wordpress application on my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos. And this is running so smoothly that I never felt need of laptop with me to check trace my blog activities. And the latest version is very nice.
    Thanks to developers.

  10. I am using wordpress 2.2.6 on my Samsung Galaxy Grand. It is very helpful for me and saves a lot of time for me. Now I don’t need to shut on my PC many a times in day and the latest version is faster and smoother than ever.
    Previously I was using a third party browser in my phone to keep trace of my blog but after downloading WordPress 2.2.6, I found it is the best application I required.

  11. I just updated. Great release. Seems to run a bit faster than the old version and I’ve had no crashes. Nice work.

  12. I’m using this on my Sony Xperia Z with Android OS, v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and it is working properly on that. Experience of using wordpress in Android is really good. Thanks.

  13. I am using this o0n my samsung Tab , it is working properly , using wordpress on android is really great experience … Thanks a lot 🙂

  14. This 2.2.6 update of WordPress for Android is so good. Its so easier and time consuming. WordPress is best blogging platform and its really nice that we can use wordpress on mobile phones also.

  15. Thanks for the update this app works nice in my Micromax Funbook tab. Using WordPress in Android tab is so cool.

  16. Me too. I got the same phone as sorB0 and I am using it on my HCL ME UI Tab just the same as well and I do have the Android 4.0.3 and the app is running perfectly fine.
    Thanks a ton for this new stable release! Nice job team..

  17. I just updated. Good n Great release. Seems to run a bit faster than the old version and I’ve had no crashes. Nice work.

  18. yep i am using it too on my HTC android device. i can update my blog from anywhere with my gsm connection or with wifi.

  19. I using Sony Tipu single sim android phone from last 1.5 years. My android version is ICS and now i want to upgrade it Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Can you tell me how i can update it manually ?

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