Version 2.2 Now Available: Featured Images & All-New Stats

Version 2.2 of WordPress for Android is now available on Google Play. It is full of some great new features that make blogging from your Android device even better!

Version 2.2 of WordPress for Android: Featured Images & All-New StatsWhat’s New

Featured Image Support

Many WordPress themes now have support for setting featured images, and you can now set them right from the app. To set an image as featured, just tap on it after adding it to the post content area and select the ‘Use as featured image’ checkbox. You can also optionally set the image to also be included in the post content.

Note that you’ll need WordPress 3.4.1 or greater and a theme that supports featured images in order to use this feature.

All-New Stats

Checking your stats from the app can be really handy, and we wanted to make it even better. When accessing stats now, you will see all of the same data that you see when at your blog’s web dashboard including Views by Country and Top Posts & Pages. If you are running a self-hosted blog and want to enable stats in the app, install the free Jetpack plugin.

Reliability and Performance Improvements

This release also includes some great improvements to the app to make it more reliable and fast. Error messages are easier to read and understand as well. You can see the details on what was taken care of on the trac roadmap.

New Contributors and What’s Next

Did you know that WordPress for Android is an open source project? We owe a big thanks to the contributors that made this release possible, including aerych, mrroundhillfrankkanis and aagam94! If you would like to get involved please visit

So what’s next? So far we have plans to improve the ActionBar, post editor and add push notifications for comments. What would you like to see improved in the app? Leave a comment or follow us at @WPAndroid to get in touch!


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. I can show you another 100 examples if you like. It happens every time. Also, its not just the link, but all formatting that gets stripped.

  2. samsung captivate at&t, unable to post.. self hosted site, have enabled xml-rpc under settings -> Writing … unable to post at all… new install on phone, new install of wordpress… Error: “Sorry, an error occured while uploading the Post. Please try again later…” any suggestions welcome, thanks

  3. if the url for the blog is is that what I use in the blog URL requested by the app or do I use the admin as in or something else. Neither works. I get a connection error. I am using a T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Andriod 2.3.4 and software update say it is current.

  4. Doesn’t show my post in the tags reader when I publish. For example if I enter knitting as a tag my post doesn’t show up under that catergory.

  5. On Galaxy Gio, this app used to be difficult but possible to use (it would delete images in the post, so I’d have to post, then add the images, then check back a few times and keep re-formatting – because the text editor was so unreliable). It was easier on WiFi, but I didn’t manage to post much on mobile networks. However, now it isn’t working AT ALL.

    It won’t upload posts, and it won’t even tell me that the posts aren’t uploaded. So I get a lovely surprise when I have been blogging away happily and realise that NOTHING has actually been published.

    I appreciate that this is a free app, but you can imagine my disappointment, especially as just before the ‘upgrade’ (I use the term loosely), I changed my mobile tariff to have more internet allowance specifically to blog…

  6. Running WP for Android 2.2.3 on an Evo 3D, running CM10. My Site is running WP 3.4.2 with the Custom Community theme.
    I can’t get the featured image check box to show up. It just looks like it always had.

  7. Make sure the theme supports featured images. You can also try tapping the refresh button in the app dashboard and it will recheck that the theme supports featured images.

  8. Not always. When they do, the formatting is messed up and pictures sometimes disappear. Thanks for taking the time to have a look =o)

  9. Can you suggest a theme? I’d like to test it. When I post from the Web I can assign featured images for the post.

  10. Samsung galaxy s3 images from camera automatically get rotated and no way to turn them back again. also after publishing one post with an image, any additional post does not save any images. it asks for confirmation to save, but the post is still empty after saving. I have to force stop the app and run it again to post another picture post. please fix. thanks.

  11. Heya! Im wondering is the problem with Featured Images in my template or in the app? Cos when Im posting from Android with featured image the same image is used to my next post as well… And you cannot remove the featured image anyhow from the 2nd post :/

  12. I installed this app on my Virgin Mobile Venture android and it worked fine for 24 hours and suddenly I am being bombarded with floating ads telling me to upgrade. Also I can’t display my stats or comments. Why is this happening?

  13. Love the app but recently yhe reader stopped working. It would take me to the blog I wanted to read then throw me back to the start page. That was version 2.1.4. I just upgraded to 2.2 hoping it would solve the issue but no. Very frustrating that his 5 star app is messing up. I’m using an HTC Incredible2. I have tried restarting the phone, even shutting it off and turning on again. No joy. I haven’t changed any settings on the phone so no idea why the reader stopped working. BTW version 2.1.4 still works perfectly on my Coby tablet! Why does my phone not like it anymore?

  14. No, we’re stuck with the stock browser in the app. Does it happen for every post you view on or is it just this one?

  15. Bummer. It happens to every post I try to open in Reader. Wouldn’t be so bad if I knew it was something that got changed or updated but until I upgraded to 2.2 to try and fix this, I hadn’t changed anything.

  16. Does anyone know what details I use to log in on the app? Obviously when Im on my blog its admin then my password but I dont know what to put as my username. I’ve tried different things but no joy.

  17. Great app! It’s really coming along. I was wondering if custom/plug-in meta boxes will be added to the post editor? Also, custom post types would be great! Maybe a drop down to select post type on the post editor? Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  18. Hi – can anyone please tell me, where on a Galaxy Note the APP stores its data? I lost the articles on the server…an the phone still has them!!!

    It would be great, if i can restore it from the phone 🙂

  19. Great! This app and Amazing Analog Clock Widget are my favorite Android apps for this month 😀 Keep up the great work guys!

  20. am using the HTC one x + …I can’t seem to use the featured image ..everytime I try to preview the post it shows the 404 page on my site….someone pls help …

  21. Make sure your theme supports featured images, and then refresh the app when at the dashboard view. For the 404, try disabling any plugins you are running to see if they are interfering.

  22. Hi,

    I have installed wordpress and it works fine, only trouble is that when I want to log into that with your app only with IP and not hostname it does not work.
    I hope that my DNS will be ok soon to run it.


  23. A requested feature would be the ability to attach media(photos, videos) from Google Drive. Often, I take pictures on my phone, but write content from my tablet or PC. On the tablet, it’s not the easiest thing to get content from Drive to an area on the local device where I can post it using WordPress. Are there any plans to do something like this, or is it already in the app, I’m just not finding it?

  24. Caroline, keep in mind most people only find this page when they have an issue. With all of the plug-ins there are out there and their unpredictable coding it’s just plain impossible to make the app work perfectly for every blog. It really is a pretty decent app for your general blogging needs. 🙂

  25. I have multiple photo blogs for different genres of content, and I’m about to take over management of another for a client. Yet the app only allows me to access my original blog. Would love to be able to switch between all of them!

  26. You can add another account by returning to the main Dashboard view, tap the blog title at the top and then tap ‘Add Account’

  27. Sweet! Thanks for the quick reply Dan. I saw the “Add Account” option before. Always thought that was to add another login. I appreciate your help!

  28. Hi there,

    I keep getting mad crashes on my Samsung galaxy III, sometimes I am using it and it will just shutdown?

    Please help.

  29. Wow super fast response!!

    Thank you.

    The problem is mainly when I try and publish, it just hangs then I need to reboot, or sometimes it will publish?

    Do you know of any bugs like I am having?

    I am going to try and re-install.

    Thanks again Dan, for the ultra fast support.

  30. I added this app some days ago and I’m amazed about I can
    manage both and self-hosted blogs! The interface is
    intuitive and also can manage the themes, widgets and plugins
    tapping in the dashboard icon. Thanks to this app, I will be able
    to manage my blogs everywhere, including if I’m waiting for an
    appointment. Thanks a lot!

  31. Dan, I am not able to find the use as feature option even
    after tapping on the image. I am using an Android 2.3.6 handset.
    Kindly reply. Thanks, Ankur

  32. I got it…Dan, there’s a problem here…You can find the
    “image settings” option when you post the article from the Android
    app…i.e. from your smartphone. If you save a draft from your
    desktop, then upload image from your smartphone (I have to do it
    because I cannot upload images from my office desktop, its not
    allowed, no uploading is allowed)and have to feature it, the “image
    settings” options do not appear. Can you please work on the fix?
    Thanks, Ankur

  33. Hi.
    Is it possible to edit post in visual mode? Sometimes i need to edit old posts.

    Also how can i add a link to an image?

    Great application but we need more functions if it is possible!


  34. We can’t use the visual editor when editing posts because it eats HTML and destroys posts. We should add a link option for the images, thanks for the feedback!

  35. This app needs a huge upgrade. Compared to the iOS and Windows Phone alternatives it lacks features and a good UI. Hopefully a new update will implement the Holo interface. I would also like better stats (jetpack) and easier posting without going to the clunky website admin which isn’t designed to work on a phone.

  36. The holo theme is great. Thanks for the good job. I work more and more on the road so i often use my mobile to connect…

  37. Hi!

    I really like this app but I have one question, I’m using Samsung Galaxy 8.9, android 3.1, and since my blog contains 99% photos, I only posted one image per post without any other text except for its title. When I posted an image via WP app, I set “standard” on the article format instead of image but everytime I publish my post, it turns out to “image” format and it loses its title on my blog. I had to Quick Edited using my browser to set it back to “standard” mode.

    Can you help me understand this situation and how to fix it? I mean it supposed to simplify my photoblogging but instead I have to do my job twice.


  38. I m had attached a picture to the post from the app but the pic is not there in the post after publishing pls help

  39. I have a galaxy note 10.1, I wanted to download WordPress app but the permissions say it can take photos with my camera without my permission? Why would I allow this?

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