Announcing Version 3.1: Sidebar, Panels, and Post Formats

Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS: Panels & Sidebar

This is a big one! The WordPress for iOS dev team is excited to announce that version 3.1 is now available in the App Store. In this update you’ll find a redesign for both iPhone and iPad, along with loads of new features! Here’s what’s new:

Updated Interface

The app has an all-new look, including graphics, colors, and a new sliding panels interface! We’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves:

Sidebar Navigation

We’ve added a new way to get around in the app: the Sidebar. The Sidebar allows easy access to any other area of the app with just a swipe and a tap. We also added easy access to app settings and quick photo from the Sidebar as well. To reveal the sidebar, just tap the menu button or swipe the navigation bar from wherever you are in the app at the time.

iPad Panels

To take advantage of the larger screen, we’ve added an all-new Panels interface for the iPad which allows for viewing a lot of information on your blog all at once. Panels can be moved around and resized so that you can view your content however you’d like. You can also remove extra Panels that you don’t need anymore by dragging the entire Panel stack to the right.

Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS: Updated InterfaceNew Features

In addition to the UI update we’ve added a ton of great new features, including:

  • Post Format Support
    In the post setting tab, you’ll now see an option for setting the post format for your posts. The app will check with your blog to get a list of post formats that your theme supports.
  • Reader and Quick Photo for iPad
    You’ve asked them and here they are! We took the great Quick Photo and Reader features that were already in the iPhone app and made them available for the iPad.
  • All-New Stats
    Hungry for more stats? We’ve added a new stats view that contains all of the same data that you see in your or Jetpack stats.
  • New Post Preview for iPad
    When viewing a post on the iPad, you’ll now get a nice preview of the post including formatting and images.
  • Friend Finder
    Use the new Friend Finder in the Reader to connect up to Facebook or Twitter to find your friends that are blogging on
  • All-Around Landscape Support
    Nearly all areas of the app support landscape orientation now, including all of the tabs in the post editor.
  • Easy Site and Dashboard Access
    A no brainer. We added buttons on the Sidebar to view your site as well as a Dashboard link so you can access your plugins, widgets, etc.

In addition to all of this great new stuff, we also made many reliability and performance improvements to the app.

Why Stop Here?

Development is continuing at a very rapid pace. We are already marching towards the next big release of the app. So far we are keen on adding a Visual Editor, a Notification Area and support for Featured Images. Want to help out? Check out and the WordPress for iOS dev blog to see how you can get involved!

We’ve had the most contributors ever for this release! Big thanks to koke, aerych, irbrad, isaackeyet, daniloercoli, beaucollins, mrroundhill and pento!

What do you think of this update? Leave us a comment here or follow us at @WordPressiOS to get in touch with the team.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Great job on the update! I use the iOS version almost exclusively and now with Dashboard, I don’t have to go to my regular computer for simple blog maintenance. The View Bar is also a nice touch. You guys rock! Thanx

  2. Looks great, I’m working on a project currently where people are extra keen to be blogging via mobile so this comes at the perfect time. Keep up the good work!

  3. This update is FANTASTIC! I can now do practically everything from my iphone without having to go to my main computer. As @Cutler said, the View bar is a great added feature. It’s great to have everything in one place. Cudos to you WordPress Tech team! WordPress Rocks!

  4. Stats are not working on my iPhone 4S with the latest OS and the new app v3.1. They worked fine with the old app. My stats are via Jetpack and my blog is self hosted.

    I tried deleting the app and reloading but stats still do not work. Everything else does work and I can log into my account.

  5. The app just looks awesome. Somehow though the stats are not working at the moment. Neither for my or .org (Jetpack) blog. Any ideas how to solve this?

  6. Great update! A bit of a shame that featured image didn’t make it into 3.1 but really excited about it apparently on track for a not too distant 3.2. Keep up the good work.

  7. Looks great from what I’ve seen so far. Would love it if we could have the ability to manage widgets in future. The drag-and-drop just doesn’t work on the iPad, no matter what browser or app is used. But keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  8. We’re working on fixing up the stats view. Do you receive any particular error messages?

    Just like in a web browser you really should only be able to be logged into with one account at the time.

  9. Try resetting the app by removing any JP-enabled blogs, close and start the app back up, and add the blogs again.

    What error message(s) do you receive? We’re working on a fix and would like to get any and all problems out of the way.

  10. This update is useless! Nothing works, it doesnt matter what i click on, it just gives me error message like “cant sync, password and username not compatible” even though it is right. This happens when i click on any of them, and it doesnt work to click cancel or need help, the message just pops up in the screen again. I tried this about 40 times since i installed this update and it hasnt worked once… At the moment i cant even log in… Is there anyway to go back to the old version because this one is seriously pissing me off!

  11. Much of it is great but when I try to View Site I get an error message that says The certificate for this server is invalid…and won’t load. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks for the help!

  12. I have had a play on my iPhone4 and I really like it. Looks even nicer on an iPad. Definitely the best version yet. My only grumble is photo handling otherwise perfecto!

  13. That did not work for me. The error message says:

    “Error There was a problem connecting to your stats. Would you like to retry? Cancel//Retry”

    Everything else seems to work.

  14. My blog is hosted by WordPress and yet after upgrading the mobile app today my stats don’t work anymore. I’m being asked for a JetPack longin and to update my credentials. Can someone please help? Thanks.

  15. Hi, if you’ve used your email address for your username please try changing it to your username in the app. Otherwise wait for the 3.1.2 update which will fix accessing stats with an email address.

  16. Dan, I’m having the same difficulties as others accessing my stats. Any estimates on when the 3.1.2 update is coming out?

  17. The problem I am having with this latest version is that it sees both pages and posts as posts. If I select posts it shows me the posts, and if I select pages, it shows me the posts again.

  18. Dan, setting the image max height in Media Settings to 0 makes the app upload a zero kb file to the server. Setting it to 9999 disables that image size completely. iPhone 4S and app 3.1.2. Any thoughts?

  19. Set it to something that you want it to resize to, I think defaults are around 150, 300 and 1024 for the sizes.

  20. You guys do any QA on this? 3.1.2 behaves identically for me with the Jetpack login failure on ios 5. Also the “improved” layout which now displays the content in landscape mode in just the middle third of my IPad 3 is truly sad. Basically, you have succeeded in making an app that is an inferior user experience to just hitting the admin interface from Safari. I love WordPress, but you guys need to step it up on this app if you’re going to bother making it at all.

  21. Dan, thanks for your answer. But what if I want the max-height to be unlimited? Isn’t that what the 0 is for? That’s how we usually use it in wp-admin, and 9999 for functions.php?

  22. I’m quite a novice at this but after downloading from the apps store and logging in there is a wordpress popou that refuses to close pit so that I can progress to reader. This is even after I ha e signed in and selected my blog. Not sure what to do so lease help all you savvy guys!

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