Version 3.0 Available and What's Next

Swipe-to-moderate in version 3.0 of WordPress for iOS

Swipe to moderate comments

It’s that time again. Version 3.0 of WordPress for iOS is out and adds some exciting new features. Most of the changes have been under the hood so we can now start giving you great updates fast. Let’s jump into it.

What’s new?

  • Push Notifications for If you have a blog added to the app, you’ll now be able to opt in to receive push notifications of new comments, which makes it easier than ever to keep up with your readers and moderate comments on the go.
  • Swipe-to-moderate Toolbar. Swipe over any comment in the Comments list to bring up a moderation toolbar – no need to use bulk moderation or go to the comment permalink. It’s right there, and it’s fast. Another nifty change is the highlighting of new comments in the Comments list when you’ve refreshed, it makes it easy to see what’s new.
  • Vastly improved performance, especially for iPad. Version 2.9.6 was the most stable version of WordPress for iOS ever, until now. Over 44 bugs and crashes were fixed in this release.
  • Translations added for Chinese (Taiwan), Hungarian, and Polish (thanks for the translation help!)

Download version 3.0 of WordPress for iOS today.


The following contributors have worked on this release of WordPress for iOS: koke, irbrad, aerych, daniloercoli, mrroundhill, rhc3, boctor, isaackeyet – are you next?

What’s next?

Here’s what the rough road map looks like, find more and discussions on the dev blog.

Version 3.1

This release is tentatively scheduled for the end of June.

  • Sliding Panels are currently being implemented for iPad. This will allow for faster management and an easier overview of everything in the app – from posts and pages to comments, stats, settings, web dashboard access, and features.
  • A slide-out iPhone/iPod Touch Menu will allow for quicker access to the things you do the most in the app, and provide a great overview.
  • Post Formats is being added to the post editor so you can easily change the appearance of your published posts if your theme supports it.
  • A better Welcome screen to get you started quickly with the app and learn more about what it can do.
  • More iPad Stats than ever before, fully leveraging the screen space.

Version 3.x

These are some of the features/changes we’re considering for the upcoming versions of WordPress for iOS.

  • Image settings in post editor to set Title, Description, Alignment, Size, and more.
  • Simple visual editor for text formatting options.
  • Support for Galleries.
  • Improved post/page Preview.
  • Simpler access to Save Draft and other publishing settings.
  • Quick Photo with “advanced” fields such as tags, categories.
  • Push notifications for self-hosted blogs through Jetpack.
  • Support for setting Featured Images.

You should get involved right now. We’re looking for feedback on the planned features and help testing the releases with a new and active Beta Team. If you’re a developer you can get involved directly to help get these great features out quicker – learn more about how to get involved by visiting the Development section.

What are your thoughts on WordPress for iOS and the future? Tweet us @WordPressiOS or leave a comment below.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Looks great, Isaac. I’ve been watching the XML-RPC stuff finalize for 3.4 so very much interested in seeing how the new features (featured image, post format, etc.) comes together within the iOS app.

    I’d love to help Beta test if you need anyone else…

  2. Great additions to the app! If you need any beta testers for both the iPhone and iPad version, let me know! Really looking forward to seeing more of the screen being used for the stats on the iPad version.

  3. After updating to 3.0, I get connected to my self-hosted blog fine, but then when I connect to Stats and refresh, it tells me “Login Error,” “Please enter an administrator login for this blog and refresh.” Huh?

    I’m logged into the blog okay, I’m logged into the stats okay, but when I refresh… no go.

    What’s going on? This worked previously. Any thoughts?

  4. Are you planning to fix the inability to set up the app for self-hosted blogs, or is that only going to be part of a v.516 release? Instead of new features, it would be nice to make sure not only 70% of ppl can use the app. Code is the death of poetry.

  5. “Simple visual editor for text formatting options.” — This should be #1 on the priority list. Everything else is nice (i.e. – sliding panels), but writing blogs is the core purpose of the app. Frankly, it’s crazy that a simple visual editor is not yet a part of the app and that users are forced to write posts cluttered with HTML markup. Please, please, please, please release a simple visual editor this summer.

  6. I’m loving the updates but when we will be able to read other blogs we follow on the iPad? It’s much easier to read posts on the large screen but to date it’s only possible on the iphone.

  7. My biggest wish is allowing “featured images” on the iPhone app. This is very important, as it allows the photo to be displayed without clicking the “read more” link on the post. Please add this to the next release. Thousands of your WordPress App users will be delighted when this feature is enabled. Thank you!

  8. your fix for image upload error as outlined in the FAQs does not work – I add:

    php_value memory_limit 128M
    php_value upload_max_filesize 128M
    php_value post_max_size 128M
    php_value max_execution_time 120

    to my .htaccess file and then get a internal server error message when I view my blog.

    I would post in the forums, but the registration form on this site does not work – it either tells me that my username is invalid or tells me registration is blocked, please stop. So I’ve not been able to register to post in the forums.

    I’d love to use this app on my iPad and iPhone, but as it won’t let me add any images to my posts, it’s just not worth it. I’m running wordpress 2.9.2 and I should really upgrade to the latest version but I know this will cause a load of problems and errors and as I’ve just had a baby, I don’t really have the time to sort that out. So I’m looking for a fix for now that will allow me to upload images and add them to my posts and would really appreciate a reply.

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