WordPress for Android Now Available for Nook Color/Tablet & Kindle Fire

Did you know that WordPress for Android runs on both phones and tablets? Sometimes a little extra screen space can help you draft that longer blog post. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, or another Android tablet you’ll find the WordPress app in the Android Market.

WordPress for Android 2.0 on Nook Color and Kindle FireNow for the Nook Color/Tablet and Kindle Fire, too!

We’re happy to announce that WordPress for Android is now available for the Nook Color/Tablet and Kindle Fire. The 7″ screen on these tablets make an excellent home for the all-new Dashboard UI that we added in WordPress for Android 2.0.

We paid special attention to the post editor on theses devices, enhancing the layout to make it super simple to edit your post content in either landscape or portrait orientation. You’ll find everything there that you’d want in a WordPress app, including support for editing post content, adding media, viewing your stats, comment notifications, and more.

The app is available today in the Amazon Appstore and Nook Store.


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  1. All looks great. But I wonder, why do WordPress Developers not include Audio posting? As a book writer & lecturer, it would be great if the native wordpress app had the ability to take recorded files on the phone and post them in an oembed plugin straight into the post.

    There are 3 main ways we reach users: audio, visuals, and text. Why has audio been overlooked for so long? Give it the love it deserves!

  2. Thank God it’s finally on the Amazon AppStore! I purchased a Kindle Fire just last week and I felt really bad when I couldn’t find the WordPress app on the Amazon AppStore. And now it’s there! Yay!

  3. That’s great news to hear Kindle got WordPress now. But I’ve experienced some lack of features in WordPress for my smartphone. I believe WordPress releases more updates with features and bugfixes for Android.

    Keep Rocking WordPress 😀

  4. This new version works horribly for me. It’s so slow retrieving comments I downgraded to an older version and it works ten times faster.

  5. Is anyone else having trouble inserting images into new posts? Every time I attempt to do so on my kindle, all i get is an image link on my actual site.

  6. When revising an article I did not get into the menu and thus had no chance to save or publish the article. I use a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini.

  7. Do you have a direct link to an apk file for us Kindle Fire users outside the US? Dropbox distribute this way direct from their site, super easy 🙂

  8. On Kindle Fire:
    I have the create thumbnail and link option checked.
    When I place an image in the editor, I tap it to get the options for captions etc.
    I enter the captions and submit the form.
    The app then fails to enclose the image in the post and instead places a nested link ABOVE the image with the caption intact.

    Can you fix this so I can actually use it for my blogging needs? Linked, captioned images are all I ever blog.

    Other than that it’s a great app!

  9. Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce that and created a ticket to get it fixed. It appears to be adding two caption blocks. A workaround for now is to edit the post and then delete the entire duplicate caption block that is inside the first comment block.

  10. Hi, thanks for this great app! I have a small issue on my Transformer Prime tablet. I only have the five last posts displayed in the left column when I use the “Posts” icon. It work well with comments (they are all there and I can scroll through the list). Is there something to set in order to get the full or a more comprehensive list?
    Thanks for your help

  11. I love wordpress! I using it for all my sites to show products or portfolio or pubish news…, now WordPress available for Android. Great!!!

  12. I use the WordPress app to start blogs on my phone and then complete them using my laptop. I also like to use the Read function to keep up with the various blogs that I follow. With this recent release, when I select to look at a post for a blog that I am following, all I see is a header with a black circle with a – sign and the RSS feed symbol. The rest of the screen is blank.

  13. I’m having a similar problem. Every time I try to insert a picture (from the gallery) into a WordPress post, I am returned to the WordPress screen. Nothing happens. No indication of a picture and/or link. A bug in the WordPress app, the Kindle Fire image gallery or both?

  14. hi
    so how to resolve problem with picture means every time I try to insert some a picture into a
    WordPress post, I am returned to the wp start
    screen and nothing happens somebody know What going on ?

  15. I have a tablet with ics and wordpress doesn’t seem to support this. 1 of the reasons for getting a tablet was so I could keep track of the posts on our website. I am using wordpress myself when I didn’t think I would so cannot wait for an update

  16. Worked great before this update, but now it’s even better. No issues here on my Transformer Prime.

  17. The post editor on theses devices, enhancing the layout to make it super simple to edit your post content in either landscape or portrait orientation.

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