Version 1.5 Now Available

We’re pleased to introduce WordPress for BlackBerry version 1.5, which adds new features like a home screen icon showing you how many comments are in moderation, custom image sizes, and discussion settings!

Depending on your region or country, you might not see the latest version in the BlackBerry App World just yet, but the update should be available on your device starting now.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support forBlavatars (“Blog Avatars”).
  • Added preview for drafts, scheduled and private posts.
  • Introduced the home screen icon for comment notifications.
  • Added a visual indicator that shows the post status in the post list screen.
  • Added support for Discussion settings (enable/disable comments, pingbacks and Trackbacks).
  • Categories are now alphabetically sorted.
  • Added the possibility to specify a resize dimension on each image.
  • Changed the image resize feature, by adding predefined dimensions loaded from the Blog Media Settings.
  • Fixed issues on the Permissions settings screen, it now appears once at first startup.
  • Small UI redesign.

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Do you have questions or feedback on how we can make the app better? Please visit the WordPress for BlackBerry forums and tell us your thoughts!

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  1. wordpress for blackberry 1.5 installed on my bold 9000 failed to view my’s stat. My network operator is telkomsel indonesia

    anyone can give me clue?

  2. @Sister Edith Bogue, Ph.D. — could you please check permission settings?
    On your BlackBerry go to “Options->Applications”. Scroll through the list, highlight and select “WordPress”. Next, click on the app, and choose Edit Permissions and ensure they are set to “Allow”.

  3. After updating from version to 1.5, it will no longer auto start despite having the option turned on. It’s quite frustrating as im used to it just being on all the time whereas now, i constantly forget to manually turn it on and therefore no longer receive any updates nor post any pics and vids. was wondering if you could post an OTA or a manual d/l link to the previous version as i cannot keep using this one. thanx.

  4. @MaxPayne — are you turning off your device every day? (I mean, the full power-off).
    I usually put the device in stand-by during the night, and the morning after the app starts when I turn on the device again. Just keep the app opened in background.

  5. yeah i go through two sometimes 2 and a ha;f batteries a day on my torch. a vip phone plan will make you do that lol. could it be in the permissions? maybe something changed for some reason. i have … 2 BOLD Allow and 1 regular Allow. i guess it should work.

  6. I’ll try this one, hope this app is able to make me more active in writing 😀
    thx BB and WP 🙂

  7. Evrything is fine. But this app is only manage ur blog. It doesn’t have any feature 2 read other’s blog. In fact it doesn’t even show ur blogroll or links.

  8. Hello,

    Is it possible to view your subscriptions in the 1.5 version?

    I would like to be able to check my follwers post that I follow with having to type their link in the web browser.

    Is there a tutotial with the play-by-play options for usage of the update version?

    Help, please.


  9. I’ve just upgraded to version 1.5 and although I can’t see that much difference it seems to run a lot quicker on my Bold 9870. In terms of an improvement that could be made, it would be nice if you could access the image gallery like you can on standard WordPress with a clean interface. Great work BB and WP!

  10. Hello Guys,

    I am looking for your help. I am using BlackBerry word press version 1.5… I am having two different blog… One is working fine…

    Another one is with domain. I am not able to configure it on BB… I tried many times but still I am not able to do it..

    I am getting one error symbol image…

    Please help me….

  11. After updating from version to 1.5, it will no longer auto start despite having the option turned on.thanx.

  12. @Anime — This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.

  13. The app works well with one exception. I cannot get it to give me any data on stats. I have a self hosted WP blog, I have installed Jetpack so that I can see my stats on but I still cannot see any stats on WP for BB.

    Any suggestions?


  14. I like this new version especially the fact that I can take videos right from the app. Unfortunately, I cannot upload them afterwards, there seems to be a problem with the size? It wasn’t all that long (28sec)… I tried connecting to the internet using my wireless connection at home but that didn’t solve the issue, it still timed-out. “Destination cannot receive the size… ”
    Anyone has a clue how I can increase the publishing size? Thanks!

  15. I have try wordpress for blackberry ver 1.5. I can’t enter my web in BB. which one
    i choose: add blog hosted at or add self-hosted wordpress blog.
    when i choose one of that, it dont work. What happen? Please help me

  16. Why cant i post anything via my blackberry application since last month? Before that everything was fine with blog posting, comments, uploading image.
    I need it urgently
    Whats wrong?

  17. @safitapermatasari — This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team.
    The app tries to connect to the blog by using a secure connection (https), but apparently has stopped working on some BlackBerry devices due to an unknown issue. We’re looking into this problem and will post updates as we have more information on this.

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