Version 1.4 Now Available

A new update of WordPress for Android is now available in Android Market. We’re pleased to introduce version 1.4, which adds some very powerful features! Here’s what’s new:

Post Scheduling

You can now easily set the publish date and time in the app when creating a post or page. The date can be set to the future which will set the post status to ‘Scheduled’ and publish on your blog when the time arrives. You can also edit existing posts and tweak the published date and time if desired.

Post Password

At the bottom of the post editor we’ve added a Post Password field to help protect your content. Simply enter a password here and the post will require that the password be entered for viewing on the blog when published. You can also add or remove a password from published posts as well.

HTTP Authentication Support

Is your self-hosted blog protected with an HTTP Authentication username and password? We’ve added support for entering the Authentication credentials in the blog settings so that you can manage your blog through the app. To access the Authentication settings, add a self-hosted blog to the app and select ‘Optional Settings’ in the setup area.

Additional Changes

We’ve tidied up a few more things in the 1.4 update, including:

  • Added secure password storage to the local database.
  • ‘Unapproved’ comments now have a yellow tint.
  • Added ‘Today’ option in stats.
  • Fixed crash when alert dialog was trying to be shown after the app was closed.
  • Fixed crash related to large post ID values.

Remember, WordPress for Android is an Open Source project. Most of the features in this release were contributed by volunteer developers in the community. Big thanks to chdorner and jnijhof for their hard work! Get in touch with us on our Developer Blog if you’d like to contribute to the project.

WordPress for Android 1.4 is available in Android Market for free. Download it now!


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Seems to repeat the tag text outside the tags, so I have to re-edit posts before publishing! Using the Atahualpa theme on WP 3.1.1 and latest WP for Android on HTC Desire.

  2. It would be great if the update were available through amazon apps too. Since this is where I originally installed from it would be simpler to update.

  3. Hello!
    I did the download but I cant put the password.
    The aplication don’t reconeized my link blog.

    Can you help me?! Please!?

    Thank you

  4. Just to add some additional information – I just tried a test post, and it looks like the tag delimiters ( < and > ) are being stripped from the post. It could well be that there is a clash with another plugin (not that I have many, so it should be simple to identify).

  5. WordPress for Android is very important. I am Entertainer from Germany an for me it is great to do this by Way. I use the Android Smartphone HTC Desire HD. I will download this Version as soon as Possible.

  6. Found the problem – it’s the libxml2 issue! The solution may not be easy, as I’m hosted on a Debian Lenny installation, and PHP is at v5.2.6 while libxml2 is at v2.7.8.

  7. The new client v1.4 crashes everytime i try to load pages and or comments. (Hero orig 1.5)
    v1.3.9 worked just fine.

    Any ideas?

  8. hi! nice features from the update sir Dan. I would like to suggest something for the next update regarding the DRAFTS. I have just downloaded the 1.4 version. I tried to sync the EXISTING draft post from hosted blog.

    The Android for WordPress downloaded all post and drafts from my site. But I doesn’t segregate the two draft posts I have created via web. Can you make a DRAFT post segregation of draft posts created via WEB just like the segregation of LOCAL DRAFTS. So we can filter which one needs to be published. Thank you!

  9. First of all, thank you for the wordpress Android app. I use nexus S here in South Korea and I appreciate this effort.
    In hope of making this a little better, I would like to file a possible bug report.
    When I select Posts among the tabs (Comments – Posts – Pages – Stats) I can see the title of my blog post typed in Korean. When I proceed on to click on “View Post” from Post Actions menu, all the Korean letters are clearly broken, appearing in weird codes. Then “Edit Post” Korean letters are fine and legible. Am I doing something wrong?
    If not inconvenient, would you mind checking on this issue and see what could be the reason for this?

  10. Hello,
    Thanks for the new options, they seem quite cool especially the sheduling posts-part.
    Unfortunatly I can’t use them since I updated from 1.3.9 to 1.4.0 then 1.4.1 I can’t connect to my blog.
    I have a “HTTP Status code : 403 was returned. Forbidden”
    My xlmrpc permissions are 755, my wordpress version is the 3.1.1–fr_FR and nothing except the Android wordpress have changed on my blog since the update…
    I’m using a froyo nexus one.
    I have tried with ou without http identification, and always a 403.
    tjhe only reason I can found are I’m the admin of my blog and my username is not admin, and I have sheduleds posts.

    If you can help with this problem, before update everything worked well.

  11. unresolved: ’ (positions: START_TAG ,post id=’2216′ title=”Home page’>@4:43 in

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  13. Hi Dan, a great job you did with this app!

    I recently finished and published my first post on my Samsung Galaxy Pad
    At the end I had more than 5500 characters, all written with the app.

    All went nice and fluid, but formatting was rather painfully.
    Could you please make the editing window scrollable so that the buttons are always visible, even with very long texts?

    Could you also add some more tags, like headers, lists and the more-tag?
    It would also be great to have the possibility to switch to a html view for editing.

    Having more choices where to put the images would also be very much appreciated:)

    Keep it going, mobile blogging is great.

  14. @Daniel Luna – Thanks for reporting the issue.
    We’re looking into this problem and will post updates as we have more information on this.

  15. Très bonne application.
    Mais pensez aux français,
    qui écrivent avec des accents
    et autres caractère spéciaux.
    Car au premier accent l’article est tronqué.
    exemple : éèàçù

    Google Traduction (français > anglais)
    Very good application.
    But think of the French,
    who write with accents
    and other special characters.
    For the first focus section is truncated.
    exemple : éèàçù

  16. Had to crop a pic with another program to make it upload? or that appears to have been the problem? I would like to suggest a resizing option on photo uploads.

  17. Hi,
    After a factory reset of my Phone (HTC Desire HD) I reinstalled the wordpress app 1.4.1. Everything works perfectly, except that it will not accept my login/password for stats. It just keeps asking for the password/login over and over again.
    I know that the login/pass combo is correct as I have logged into my web dashboard with it now.
    The strange thing is that the stats worked prior to the factory reset and I have not done anything to my blog setup since than (it still uses jetpack stats as it did previously).
    I remember that a similar problem existed around version 1.3.1 – did you ever find a good fix for it?

  18. Not sure where suggestions are but it would be a huge help to be able to filter posts. such as scheduled or drafts

  19. have you tried changing the password? Maybe the app is having a problem with one of the characters in the pw.

  20. Hello!

    When I’m trying to post something with a picture I can’t do it. Picture is uploading and everything ok with the text but not linking the picture and I’m getting the error message it says the error with the media.

    Didn’t have this problem in 1.3.9.

  21. Japanese-made mobile phone that IS03 is the third push the button. Thank you so as to reduce a little improvement on the first screen available in the domain of my blog.

  22. I get a connection error when I’m trying to upload my blog to my android:

    unexpected type (position: TEXT ts POST requests…
    @1:22 in

  23. I just downloaded the 1.4.1 app for my Droid x2. It gives me the splash screen for a few seconds and crashes: “The application WordPress (process has stopped unexpectedly. I really want to use it, help! I already tried to reinstall a few times…

  24. It doesn’t seem to work on that phone for some reason, we will try to get it sorted in the next release.

  25. Still have some major problems like not saving comments locally so that if the upload fails the comment is wiped out. And why a short post cannot be saved in Draft mode when there are three full bars & in 3G mode…I don’t understand.

    Also, my Droid shut itself down for some odd reason with the post still unsaved & when I turned the Droid back on–the post was gone. Why not save it locally using autosave so that if this happens you don’t lose an hours worth of work?

  26. The binary from the trunk (2011-06-23) allow to access to page, but crash also after typing some characters in title :(.

  27. Love the updates…still get error when uploading photos. did the uninstall…still same thing.

    this is my error…Post added successfully, but an error was encountered when uploading media.

    When I go into my FTP folders…it seems there are mulitple photos that have been uploaded through my phone…different sizes…just get the error message.

    Droid incredible user.

    thanks for any help here….

  28. Good work, thanks for it, I only have a minor problem, the application on the phone probably does not register correct date of publication (if it is set in the phone). Article is loaded to the site OK, but does not respect the date of publication. Is it need some plugin? Thank you for your time!

  29. I have recently found in the Android Platform that the Word Press app is the only half decent blogging software available. The issue that I seem to have with it is the formatting is clunky in regard to placement of any photos. You can attach a photo but it places it at the top of the post. If I want it to appear anywhere differently then I have to go in and alter the position of the code. Now if I am doing something wrong and there is a better or easy way of doing this please let me know as I am relatively new to blogging – thanks in advance!

  30. After upgrading WordPress on my self-hosted site to version 3.2.1. (using MySQL 5) I can not login with the Android WordPress App (1.4.1.) any longer. Does anyone else have this problem too ? Ig not, how did you get access to your site with the app ?

  31. I have 2 blogs:
    1 for the technology I use at work
    1 for my hobby

    We should be able to write to multiple blogs, now I can write to only one.

    Let me know if there’s a trick to do it.


  32. i would really like to try out the android app, but on my g1 phone when i click the download now link it says package not found. tried several times. i manually search the store for wordpress, and the app does not show up as well, only third party rss readers and the like. when will this package be back up?

  33. Tried it on my phone yesterday. Great App – thanks guys!

    The app should have a setting where the user can choose which should be the default tab (among Comments, Posts, Pages and Stats) when the app starts.

    It would be great if WordPress can come up with a widget for Android to check the visit numbers only with minimum data download – like what they have for non-smartphones.


  34. Thank you Dan, media upload force close force closes now every single time I try to add a photo through phone gallery as well as through the add media feature in the app. Regards from cologne, Dirk Tanzband

  35. I had the same problem, but then I realized that I have two passwords… one for the hosted WP site and another for … when logging into stats (which are part of the Jetpack) you have to use your WordPress password…

    I hope this is helpful for someone.

  36. Did any of you get an error message when you try to download the WordPress app on the Android? I keep getting an error message. It says Http status code: 500 was returned. Internal Server Error. Does anybody know how I can fix that? Thanks for the help.

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