What's next for WordPress for iOS

Version 2.7.2 of the WordPress for iOS app just became available on the App Store. It fixes a number of lingering crashes and bugs. All in all 28 crash/bug reports were closed in this release:

  • Fixed crash when the password had a space, on comment moderation, plus 7 more.
  • Several bugfixes.
  • Use blavatars instead of favicons.
  • XML-RPC fix for self-hosted blogs. (Note: if you were unable to use 2.7.1, you should be able to use this version!)

Check out the Trac milestone for the complete list.

What’s next?

With the app being much more stable, it’s time to make up for lost ground. We have an agressive release schedule laid out for 2011, in which we’re hoping to add many of the things you’ve been asking about. We’re currently hard at work with WordPress for iOS 2.8 – the next major release of WordPress for iOS.

The most important to-do in the 2.8 road map is Localization. WordPress for iOS will now become much more accessible for many users. 2.8 will also introduce a Stats view (finally!), a Quick Photo button, as well as a few more nifty improvements.

We’ll never stop improving the app, wether it be fixing issues or enhancing functionality.

So, what would you like to see next?


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  1. WYSIWYG editing, or at least some ability to insert html tags quickly and efficiently. The iPad keyboard doesnt lend itself to those with double-shift needed to go to angular brackets each time. Thats a biggy.

    Bug fixes, such as not screwing with the publication date when saving a draft, or not eating posts when saving would be highly appreciated.

    It also does not play ball very well with the bluetooth keyboard – once you are editing the text you wont came back to title / tags etc unless you save / publish. the retract keyboard retracts it, but it does not bring up the headers

  2. If you type http: while writing a post, you should get an alert helping you to create a link. Better HTML formatting is coming.

  3. I would love to see the categories in alphabetical order. It’s difficult to find the correct categories when they are all mixed up.

  4. Thanks for the update, I would love photo captions for 2.8 just to make formatting easier on the iphone.

    Also being able to upload multiple photos at once would be amazing but I’m not sure if the iphone would allow this ?

  5. Enhancing the media handling overall is something we’re interested in but can’t prioritize at the moment. If we use a custom-built UI for selecting multiple photos I think we could achieve your second idea.

  6. I’d like to see tumblelog features added, similar to what you see with WooThemes’ Express app. With the advent of post formats, it would make sense for the official WordPress app to grant us tumblelog options to quickly upload photos, videos, links, etc from our iPhones with minimal effort.

  7. It would be really handy for me if some of the common plugins I use, such as SEO slugs and Simple Tags, would work in the iPhone app. As it is, I find that I have to go into the dashboard via Safari to complete posts before I publish them.

  8. Great idea! I think you’ll like the Quick picture button we’re working on for 2.8 – it’s one step in that direction.

  9. I want to see my photographs on my iPad when working on WordPress, it’s very off putting not being able to see my pics as my blog is very graphically orientated.

  10. Great to see you keep pushing updates to the App. Great ideas from these comments so far. Stats would be nice, but for the time being a short cut to your stats page is a good temporary solution.

    Is there anywhere i can read about all the tricks your app can do? Thinking about stuff like the link-helper in the 2nd comment here.

  11. Please separate the upload size of a photo from the posted size in an article. My theme uses multiple photo sizes and crops and uploading the largest possible photo is the best way to get a good image for all the various sizes.

  12. Access to third party plugin info like entries from gravity form submissions and event data

    The first is for incoming the second for outgoing ala retrieve event info in form AND be able to access e.g. Event calendar pro to post event

  13. I’d like to second the request for photo captions. That’s something I use with every post that I make through the web interface. Also, the ability to set the ALT text through the same UI would be nice.

    About upload sizes … what I’d like to do is have, say, a 320×200 image in my post, which automatically links to a 1280×1024, or original size, asset in the uploads directory. That’s also something I do easily through the web interface (flash uploader) but doesn’t seem to be available in the app?

    Is it possible for you to grab the list of tags I’ve used in my prior posts so I can select from them? I habitually screw up, doing things like tagging “dog” where I’ve already got posts tagged “dogs”.

    Thanks so much for all your effort on this app – blogging from the iPad is a real treat and I really appreciate it!!!

  14. The ability to upload pictures and have the app create the thumbnail on the post page but link to the larger picture. It was around in a previous release but went away 🙁

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