WordPress for iOS 2.7 Now Available

After three months of development, WordPress for iOS 2.7 is now available in the App Store. This version fixes over 100 bugs, which means better performance and fewer crashes.

Reliability Updates

The main focus of this release is to improve the app’s performance and reliability. The app has been moved to Core Data, which is a much improved way of managing information locally on the device. Also, the methods used to communicate over XML-RPC have been updated to better handle communication issues and increase reliability of the app. In total there have been 117 changes in this release.

If you’re upgrading from a previous version of WordPress for iOS, your data will be migrated to the new version. If this doesn’t work, you should be able to delete the app and reinstall.

UI Improvements

We’ve cleaned up the Post Editor interface to make it easier to write and edit posts and pages. Simply select the icons along the bottom of the post editor to edit post settings, view attachments and add media. You can also now upload multiple media objects at once!

‘Pull to refresh’ has been added to the list views of the app. To refresh the list, simply pull down until the arrow flips around and then release:

Also, emails and URLs in the comment view are now tappable so that you can easily get in touch with someone who has left a comment on your site.

Be sure to update as soon as possible, and please let us know what you think of WordPress for iOS 2.7.

Get Involved

We are always looking for iOS devs at any skill level to contribute towards the app. If you want to get involved, visit the Developer section at ios.wordpress.org.

Please follow the WordPress for iOS Open Source project @WordPressiOS on Twitter to get the latest news and notifications about updates.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Nice to see a stability and performance release without cramming too many features in at once. Just out of curiosity, any word on when Post Format support will be added to the app?

  2. Apple never released an iOS “2.7” update. The release cycle went from iOS 2.2.1 on January 27, 2009 to iOS 3.0 on June 17, 2009 with the introduction of the iPhone 3GS.

    The title of this WordPress blog post is very confusing? It should read “WordPress 2.7 for iOS.”

  3. Downloaded the latest version – 2.7 — on March 16th onto an iPAD 2. The Add Photo from Library button does not work. Clicking it causes the app to close.

  4. I like the update. The app seems heaps more faster! By the way I have some suggestions… you could add plugins to the app so you can turn them on and off plus other wordpress settings. You can also add push notifications to alert people about new comments on their wordpress! Hope this helps making the app better πŸ™‚

  5. So sorry about that. We submitted the app before the iPad 2 came out. We’ll do a lot of testing on it for the next release.

  6. Push notifications are definitely on the roadmap (already started working on it). We’ll think about plugins, but there’s a lot of stuff we want to do first

  7. Um, yeah I’m with Jon here. On first read, I thought it was really old news or a mistake. Maybe the project should be called something fancy like… Tiger! WordPress for iOS Tiger. πŸ˜‰

  8. Hello, for me everything works fine exept on thing. On my blog the time is correct, lets say 16:00. When I look at the app the time changed to 15:00, when I change the time to 16:00 and clock save the time on my blog changes to 17:00 …

    WP 3.1 and WordPress for iOS 2.7

  9. I updated my WP app last night, and it crashes everytime I try to tap on the posts tab instead of the comments tab. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and that still didn’t fix it. I’m at a loss. Maybe it’s not meant to work with the new iOS 4.3?

  10. Why there’s no option to write an extract for the post? I need it on my blog (actually it’s not an extract but a different text to show in the category view)
    I have to alternate between the iOS app in my iPad and the full admin site just to write the extract. I assume it’s not that difficult to add that text field in the mobile app.

  11. Should work fine on 4.3. Does the pages tab work? If you get prompted to send a crash report in, please send it as it will help us track down your issue. If you are running a self-hosted site it might help to disable some plugins to see if they are interfering.

  12. No I don’t get prompted to send in any report. The screen just goes black and sends me back to my homepage. I’ll try disabling some plugins, but I have no idea where to start. The app worked just fine for me prior to the upgrades.

  13. this app is SO MUCH BETTER, thanks for putting out an app i can finally start to use on the iPad, the other one just wasn’t stable enough (or had enough editing abilities) to be able to use it. Thanks.

  14. Since updated to this version of WordPress for iOS on my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3 it crashes at startup. Any hints?

  15. If it happens every time, you may want to uninstall/reinstall the app to start fresh. Do you know which version you were upgrading from?

  16. I still can’t add my blog! I am using the correct password, and it always fails. I even changed it, tried again with the new password, still won’t work.

  17. I’m still dead in the water here. The comments update just fine. But pressing on the post tab still results in a crash (with no way of sending a report). It does it on both my iPhone(3G – so not affected by the latest software update) as well as my iPad. I’ve disabled as many plugins as I was willing to make it work. I can’t (or should I say – won’t) disable my feedburner, Akismet, WordPress Database Backup and sitemeter plugins. I’m down to those four only. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it. I’ve removed and added my blog back to it, I’ve done a reboot of my iPad, but nothing works. It still crashes everytime. At this point, I’d love to hear from someone that has a self-hosted blog that can get this to work. It worked for me before the update, so I don’t get it.

  18. I lack the opportunity to add automatic signature to my posts, i.e “Posted with WordPress for iPhone”, or something like that.

    I also wish there would be a choice of alignment (center, left…) when uploading and adding a photo to the post.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  19. Not that I know of. I don’t have any add-ons left that enhanced the post itself (like the flickr add-on) so I’m pretty much just left with the basic form that WP gives you. And yes, I am updated to the most recent WP software on my site too.

  20. The “load more” option at the bottom of posts/page listings is gone. In my site, I have access to 10 pages of a total of 21. I tried deleting and reinstalling. This happens on an ipod touch 2 gen

  21. Nice! After a few minutes of use, the app is much more stable and “iOS-like”.

    As for future feature additions, I would like the WordPress to really take a look at the SquareSpace iOS app. It’s got stats, a style editor, and brings over many more features from the browser to the mobile app. I know they may be a small competitor, but their product is nothing short of amazing. I still love WordPress, but it’s important to stay abrest of the competition πŸ™‚

  22. I was very dissatisfied with previous versions of this app. They crashed many times and were very unstable. This version is excellent. It works flawlessly on my IPad and I am really enjoying using it. Congratulations on getting it so right!

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