Version 1.3.9 Released

We’ve just published version 1.3.9 of WordPress for Android to the Android Market. The release includes some handy new features as well as some important bug fixes:

QuickPress Shortcuts

We’ve seen some great support from volunteer developers in the community. A big thanks to contributor Christof Dorner, who added support for QuickPress shortcuts on the Android home screen. Just long press on the home screen, select ‘Shortcuts->QuickPress’ and then select the blog that you would like to use. You will then have an icon on your home screen that takes you directly to the new post screen to start blogging straight away!

Share Post URL to Other Apps

You can now share a link to posts you’ve published on your blog to other Android apps. Just tap the post title and then ‘Share URL’, and then select the app you want to share the link to.

Bug Fixes

This release contains the following bug fixes:

Grab the update from Android Market now:


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Hello, just to let you found a bug on these application and ask you to fix it please.

    The problem is descrived in the following text and in the several posts describing the tests we made, with our blog available in


    On the tests made with these post “Test via Android I -V”, we discovered that WordPress for Android has a bug – it doesn’t accept Portuguese characters (accents and cedilla).

    When one of those characters is used, the publication stops ta that same point.

    I hope the developers of WordPress. org will correct this.


  2. how can i download this release APK?
    cant find a download url…i dont want to download it in the market

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  4. Since updating, when I post images to my blog, the image gets duplicated on the way up, so I wind up with two copies of the image in my Media Library and in my post. This only happens when I post from my phone 🙁

  5. I’m a chinese website manager about Android apps.

    But my htc desire doesn’t have the android market

    so could you offer me the url of wordpress’s apk file?

    that i can introduce this app on my website.

  6. Hi, I’m wondering if you can help me figure out why the content of my posts gets deleted when I upload a local draft from my phone to my self-hosted blog. It’s happened multiple times and this most recent time I forgot to copy the text before trying to upload so I lost the entire (lengthy) post.
    I’m running app v. 1.3.9 on an HTC Incredible and uploading to WP 3.0.4.
    I tried to find other people with the issue and only found a few who had commented on the apps page in the Market.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  7. Yes, it wasn’t sending me to the correct page when I clicked on it to letcha know about bugs and whatnot w/ the Android app….. well I recently purchased the HTC EVO, downloaded the app being I love to blog & having TONS OF PROBLEMS!! Freezes, crashes, etc. Being new to this Blogger site, should I have downloaded a diff app or is there ne thing that will fix the problems? BTW, I did try d/ling the iPad app, don’t have Apple OS tho!!! Help!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hello, I use android wordpress on my HTC Desire and there is a problem with french accents. My posts are cut just at words that contains an accent

    When I read comments above, I see that I am not alone to have that problem.
    My encoding is set on UTF-8

    Could you fix it please ? Thanks a lot

  9. No official support for tablets yet, but we have seen it work in the emulator. Check that you are entering the correct blog URL.

  10. My provider use PHP 5.0 but it does not work. It is a free provider.Encoding is also set in UTF-8.

    However, my wordpress blog works fine on my mac and PC without encodings problems.

    Another idea ? Thanks for your answer!

  11. I finally find a solution on the web. I placed an .htaccess file (.txt file) at the root of my website.
    In this text file, I wrote only :
    PHP 1
    and now it works fine! Maybe people who have problem with accents should give it a try ?
    It is supposed to upgrade the database for my provider…

    HTH ^^ and thanks for your support!

  12. I am seeing bugs using this application on a tablet device. I am trying to geolocate a post when a user creates a post from the application. Creating a NEW post seems to be working okay, it can find the location from the devices GPS. The issue is when you go and edit a post, the Location panel sits at “Loading” and you cannot update location or view on the map. Also, HTML tags are present inside the content of the post, again when editing a post.

    This is not the desired effect I am looking for and consider these to be bugs with the application. Are these being looked at? If so, when can we expect a new release? I understand that there is no official support for tablets yet, but that doesn’t imply when we will see support.

    Any information would be helpful, thanks.

    WordPress Version: 3.1
    Device: Motorola Xoom (Android 3.0)
    Wordpress for Android Version: 1.3.9
    Wordpress Geolocation Plugin Version: 0.1.1

  13. Yes, we haven’t had a chance to get the app prepared for honeycomb yet. HTML has to be used when editing an existing post due to limitations in the Android platform at this time. If we used the same editor as a new post when you edit an existing post, there’s a good chance HTML from the post will be stripped out.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  14. Thanks for the reply. I understand the editor issue when editing posts, thats what I figured. I think the bigger issue is when your editing a post it can’t seem to find the location and just sits at loading. We might take a look at the source code and see if we cant fix the issue and submit a patch back to you.

    Thanks again.

  15. I dont know the best way to communicate this. I have submitted a new ticket and patch that added an option to “not” show images in the post content. Instead we wanted the images to be uploaded, but also be attached to the post itself as a gallery. After looking to wordpress source code found a way to properly do this.

  16. Hi ADMINS, I have been using WordPress for Android 1.3.9 for about a week. I really like the App, it rocks! I am using this to update my hosted WordPress blogs.


    Just want to suggest a “LABEL” between a DRAFT POST and EXISTING POST. Theres no difference, and I don’t know if I already hit the Publish button. I need to log on my computer to check if I had clicked the publish button from a DRAFT post by mistake. JUST a small text from a POST that says it is a DRAFT.

  17. Great app, thank you.

    Have one question, I can I upload a photo/picture that I already have stored on my phone? I can easily add a photo new photo using Quick Photo, which actually takes the photo, but what if you alreayd have them stored on your phone? I cannot find a way of doing this.

    New Post > Post Format > Image also doesn’t do it.

  18. Yes, create a new post and tap the content field. Then tap the camera icon and you will be prompted to select an image from your library.

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