WordPress for iOS Update Available

We’ve focused on the feedback we’ve gotten from the past two releases to make 2.6.4 the most stable release of WordPress for iOS in a long time. This version cures numerous bugs and has been tested especially carefully in two areas: Media Uploader and Post Write/Edit.
WordPress for iOS version 2.6.4 is now available in the App Store.
The last WordPress for iOS version (2.6.3) introduced a bug where the app would save line breaks inconsistently in the code, and also remove line breaks when editing posts. These bugs have been resolved.

We think we’ve also fixed many of the issues around the Media Uploader (before if you uploaded many pictures it sometimes wouldn’t work or even crash the app). Now we’re able to upload tons of images without the app crashing, we’re really hoping it works better for all of you as well.

As always though – please let us know if not! We’re making this app for you, and your feedback is invaluable.

WordPress for iOS 2.6.4 Bug Fixes

The new WordPress for iOS Update is available now in the App Store and fixes 20+ bugs & crashes.

Ticket Summary Priority Component
#579 App doesn’t save line breaks (confirmed) blocker Compose
#556 Autosave Recovery No Longer Working (confirmed) critical Posts
#572 (iPad Only) Crash on Pages tab after Deleting Page draft critical Pages
#573 Adding a video plays it on background critical Media
#576 “link help box” runs off screen, broken link formatting (unconfirmed) critical Compose
#587 CoreData Crash with Pages on iPad critical Pages
#589 unable to add blogs protected with the HTTP-Authentication critical Add Blog/Site
#596 Pages overview doesn’t load existing pages on first load critical Pages
#554 Losing content when loading other posts major Posts
#557 weird issues using the basic HTTP Auth major Settings
#574 Improvements on the XML-RPC parsing process major XML-RPC
#575 User Agent is Incorrect when Uploading Files major Media
#580 Offline Saving/Publishing flawed major Add Blog/Site
#582 Media uploading copy major Media
#588 Media Upload Issues major Media
#593 Changing Status of a post in Edit is broken major Publishing
#559 Posts not refreshing on first run minor Posts
#564 ‘Load More’ showing when not needed minor Posts
#584 Media list should be ascending minor Media
#585 Text overflows on the iPad in certain conditions minor Posts


  • Added option to set any size to uploaded pictures.
  • Media list is now ascending, makes it easier if you have a lot of content.

View closed 2.6.4 tickets in Trac.

The Next Version

We hope you like the updates, but we were unable to fix all of the issues in this release. We’re already working hard on 2.6.5 to continue on the bug crusade. On a very high level, this is the plan for 2.6.5 currently:

  1. Priority #1 is always to fix the issues you are reporting, so go ahead and download 2.6.4 and tell us your thoughts!
  2. The rare duplication of content bug (some of you have reported that new posts sometimes inherits details from previous posts). We got a good lead on this.
  3. Media uploader sometimes scales up small images if Original size is chosen.
  4. Managing Pages in WordPress for iOS is a really bad experience, which we want to improve overall.

Be sure to check out the forums and follow @WordPressiOS on Twitter.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Congratulations!

    It’s just taken 4 1/2 months and five iterations to get to a version that actually seems to work as advertised.

  2. I can’t wait to get the option to upload draft posts to my server … that one feature would let me use my iPad for so much more of my online writing. Please add that sooner rather than later! That said, thanks for all the hard work already; WordPress for iOS is still an awesome app as-is!

  3. Hi,
    when I try to publish a post the app shows me this error:

    Post Error
    Sorry, something went wrong

    What’s the matter?Thanks 🙂

  4. Ok, I’ve read now that I’ve to post support requests on the forums and not here. So I apologize and don’t worry for the replies.
    Thanks for your hard job 🙂

  5. Ranan, Though your blog contains Nokia N900 image. Download links display only Symbian^3 and Older Nokia phones. Since N900 uses Maemo, I am a bit confused. Kindly suggest which link to use. Thank you.

  6. Hi Folks
    I still have trouble with media upload. It works for one post with image upload only. When I wanna upload the next image to a second post the progress bar stays with 100%. When swithing back to the test entry I see: there is no html code. Please fix the media upload to rock solid rather than add new features like custom size.

  7. And something I’ve wished for but so quickly forget as I go through the day… a button to take me to the blog in the browser.

    This way, if I post something and really want to see how it looks (the built in preview is often not great.) or how it looks in context of everything else on the front page of the blog (because I hand-coded the MORE tag) it’d be nice to tap a link, and be in the browser looking at my blog as others see it.

  8. oh and how about a “subscribe to this blog via e-mail” here on this iOS blog so we get an e-mail when there’s a new article here. I see a check box when I’m in an individual post but not on the main page.

  9. Sorry about that, WordPress for Nokia doesn’t support the N900 currently. I think Raanan mistook the N900 for another model.

  10. Thanks for the kind words, we’re doing our best to improve the app. However, we’re prioritizing to make the app more stable before building out the feature set. Bear with us!

  11. Although I can detect a little sarcasm, I’m glad the app now works better for you.

    Part of the process has been moving it over to Core Data (which we’re still in the process with), in the long run this should provide for a much more stable app onto which we can launch new features more quickly.

  12. We’re trying to solidify the media uploader. Please get in touch with us in the forums or via wordpress.com support, and we’ll try to see what’s going wrong here.

  13. Assuming you mean for previewing, it’s a bit difficult to provide good previews from within the app simply because it interacts with your blog over XML-RPC and so it can be hard to do everything the full WP installation can do.

    We have an idea for how we can solve this, at least partially, but it’s going to be a little while until it’s available in the app I’m afraid. Thanks for voicing your opinion, helps us prioritize!

  14. Actually, I just figured out how to upload draft posts with the WordPress iOS app, and it’s working great. Just change the post status to “Draft” rather than the default “Local Draft”, then press save. It uploads a draft post to your server, ready for editing online. Great stuff. I just did a quick how-to on the process here – http://techinch.com/2011/01/17/save-draft-posts-to-wordpress-with-the-wordpress-ios-app/.

    Now, we just need an easier way to 1) enter HTML code or 2) create rich text posts directly with menus and such. 🙂

  15. cannot load my posts after adding my blog, it says there is a communication error, bad username and password when trying to load them. Fix please!

  16. Well, this version is still not working for me. Since the last two revisions, I’m not able to add my self hosted wordpress blogs anymore. It’s just trying indefinitely without success.

    Can’t say I’m not disapointed with the iPhone app, especially when the blog itself is that awesome.

  17. Sorry to bother your here, but was told by site to contact site adminstrator/ webmaster. I am trying to register but no password is sent to me. The email is correct. My username is Camilla75. HELP!

  18. At first the new version seemed good.
    But today the app took title and tags from an old post in one blog and put them in the latest post in another blog.
    I use my private blog for testing, not so many readers there. But if text (about my dogs) from my private blog shows up in the blog at my work (about technology) it is very bad for me.
    So one more time, I beg you, please put the old version, the not so fancy one that worked, back in App store so we can use it until all bugs are fixed.

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