Version 2.6.2 Is Now Available

Version 2.6.2 of WordPress for iOS is now available to download in the App Store! This release addresses several annoying bugs, and also includes a few small improvements and a new crash reporting system.

Included in this update:

  • Fix for landscape orientation issue when editing posts.
  • Fix for incorrect date/time on publish.
  • Fix for sync issues when viewing posts.
  • Fix for problems connecting to blogs using HTTP Auth.
  • Fix for crash during Autosave check after publish.
  • Fix for intermittent failures when uploading media.
  • Fix for crash when editing blog settings.
  • Improved HTML output for media uploads.
  • Improved handling of XML-RPC endpoints for blogs.
  • Improved UX when adding blogs.
  • Added in-app crash reporting system.
  • Added option to use HTML 4 tags when embedding video in a post.

Go check it out and then let us know what you think here in the comments, in the forum, and on Twitter.

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  1. Hey guys,

    This app has issues. Enough in fact that I don’t feel safe using it. It just makes too many errors. It can’t get the date right, and often times it swaps my title for a title that I made for an earlier post. I always end up having to head to my iMac to fix it. Just not worth it.

    It’s still good for composing, but publishing is unstable. I experienced both of those issues I mentioned after updating the app this morning.

  2. downloaded new app and keep getting error incorrect usename or password and I know i’m putting in the correct info. please advise would LOVE to be able to use this app.

  3. Thanks for fixing the landscape issue — it was driving me nuts on the iPad. I’m also looking forward to trying the HTML4 video tags.

  4. Well this is the first version of the app that i used, so have no idea about the bugs present in the last one. This morning while writing a rather long post and trying to save it the app got stuck showing the saving logo forever. I did save it once previously so not all the data was lost when i restarted the app, but was an annoyance nonetheless. Plus i had one crash as well, but that got reporte by the crash reporter so i guess its all cool.

  5. Still bad. I get parser error. Domain error. Comments nd pages are visible and works fine.

    Posts just don’t get sync and it crashes.

    Guys: please do better testing.

    Don’t spoil your good name.

  6. Thanks folks. Working so much better. Small issue with the title swapping with an old title. iPhone 3GS running a clean install of the app. Other than that runs smoothly. Thanks again.

  7. Nope, didn’t fix anything for me. I’m now getting the NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 68 (rather than error 23 like before). The app works on my iPhone 4 and XMLRPC works with ecto for Mac.

    Oh well, back to the Web.

  8. Incorrect username/password error
    iPad os3.2
    Self hosted WP 3.0.1 clean install
    Clean install of wp for ios app

    Deleted & reinstalled: no good

  9. The video still doesn’t upload right. It causes crashes pretty consistently and when I finally got a 6 second video to upload it wouldn’t play in a standard browser.

  10. Awful, just awful. 500 communication errors all over the place, fails to login – I only have one username and password so I know I’m getting it right. I never tried v2.5 but so many users say you should reissue that version and take 2.6.n completely off the market. It’s a disaster.

  11. 1. hosted blog
    2. App find the blog but does not retrieve any posts
    3. Returns 500 Communication error when linking to the blog
    4. Does not retrieve categories for Posts from the blog
    5. Crashes when trying to load an image & convert to Small.
    6. I’m giving up. This has been going on for weeks. Let me know when you go back to 2.5

  12. I’ve now pretty much switched to WordPress for iOS instead of the other app I was usinb while you were still at the buggy 2.6.1. It does seem to work quite well, but I did have a few issues:
    – app has crashed on me once while saving a draft, so not too much harm done.
    – except of course I had a different draft one my iPad already which had gone once I restarted the app. Now my experience is that the app can’t handle more than a single local draft at the time and I save all to online drafts.

    And with that rule in place I think I will be even more satisfied with the app. Could you maybe just leave the online drafts in the drafts section as well, instead of under posts. Would make more sense.

    Thanks again for fixing 2.6.1 – here’s to not making the same mistake twice 😉

  13. I’ve been having issues with logging in for the last three releases, including this one.

    If I were to download the source from Trac and fix the problem, would it be permitted back in?

  14. I have never gotten this app to work on my iPad. Just keeps telling me, from the time of first install and since, that my login credentials are bad, which they are not. Looking at your blog, I can see that this issue has existed for well over a month now and still is unresolved. I really wanted to use this, but between my inability to use it along with all the issues others have reported, I have to say that I seriously wonder if you folks know what you’re doing.

    This *could* be an awesome application that I would be happy to pay for, even. Instead, I can’t delete it fast enough. Sad.

  15. Same issue here! Wrong username or password error when I know i’m using the correct one. Can you please revert back to 2 version before so that we can use an app that actually worked until u fix the issues in this version?

  16. I’m also getting the “incorrect username or password” message while trying to login to a “self-hosted wordpress blog”

  17. We’re always happy to have people help out! As of right now, the issues for most people should be resolved in the next version of the app, due to be released shortly.

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