WordPress for Android 1.3.6: Media Improvements and More

WordPress for Android 1.3.6* has been released to Android Market which includes some significant improvements to adding media to your blog posts and pages.  Here’s what’s new:

Multiple Media Item Sharing

You can now select multiple items in the Android gallery app and share them to a new post in WordPress for Android.  Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to do it:

New Attached Media Display

The media that you’ve added to the post is now displayed in a horizontally scrolling gallery view, making it much easier to view the images that you’ve attached to a post or page.

YouTube Upload Fix

Sharing a video from the YouTube application has been fixed.  When you share a video to a post from the app it will now be correctly embedded in your blog post for viewing.

More Bug Fixes

There’s many more fixes in this release including:

  • Removed ‘read phone state’ permission when installing the app from Android Market.
  • Improved performance on the new post and new page views.
  • New account form now loads correctly.

We’re not stopping here!  Many more great improvements for the app are in the works. Thanks once again to the WordPress and Android community for your support of this app.

*Update November 5th, 2010 – we released version 1.3.7 with some more fixes! Details are in the Android Market ‘Recent Changes’ section for the app.


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  1. I have the app, but I use it just to write posts not necessarily publish them. But I can’t find the posts when I log on from my computer. Are they only saved to my phone? How can I see what’s on my phone also on the computer?

  2. When you are adding an account in the app, select the bottom option that reads ‘Add self-hosted WordPress blog’. You then enter your blog’s url, username and password to connect.

  3. Hi there, I’ve tried several versions of this app but it keeps erroring out when I try it with my self-hosted blog. I get some java connection error. Anyone experience this?

  4. I had WP on my Android phone (xperia x10), but suddenly it disapeard, and now it’ s impossible to reinstall it from Market. Help me?

  5. Hello Dan, what about us that dont have access to the android market? We are in Turkey and our phones dont even have android market app. Will you guys provide another method to download?

  6. Regarding the removal of the ‘read phone state’ permission:

    a) Good – you are no longer reporting the phone’s IMEI number back to your servers. You could update the FAQ page accordingly, as currently it makes things look worse then they are
    b) Bad – you are still ‘secretly’ (there is no notification, and no permission asked) reporting information about the phone, user and network back to your servers. Good practice dictates that this kind of behaviour is strictly opt-in. Please consider changing this.

  7. I’ve noticed when I use the Android WP app to upload an image to my blog, it shows perfectly fine on the website, but the image is blocked from showing in the RSS feed. If I use the web interface to upload an image, I don’t have this issue. Any ideas on how I could fix this?

    Other than that small snafu, I love the WordPress app. Keep up the good work!

  8. This works fine from some quick tests that we just ran. You might want to check for any plugins that might be interfering with how your RSS feed is generated.

  9. The WordPress app is some of the greatest apps for me. At first installation my android (htc-desire) had a breakdown and after it, it was not possible to reinstall it. But after a complete refresh, all went well and I’m happy. Best app 😉

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