Version 2.6 Issues

Version 2.6 was an ambitious update from the start. We wanted to resolve several outstanding issues and add features that you’ve been requesting for quite some time. From WordPress 3.0 Network compatibility to better handling of local drafts, there were several fixes and improvements we wanted to include in the 2.6 update. We also wanted to add video, make it easier to add blogs and sites, and improve the core structure and stability of the app.

From what we’re hearing, we managed to accomplish some of those items. Many of you have been ecstatic about the way you can now quickly add multiple sites and blogs, and everyone seems thrilled about the new autosave feature. We’ve received many reports of improved speed and ease of use, so we’re happy to hear that many of you are happy with the update.

However, since WordPress is such an amazing and extensive platform, we weren’t able to fix everything, and in some cases we created new bugs that made things worse. We’re not perfect, and while we did test this new version heavily, it obviously needed further testing, especially for self-hosted sites.

Right now there are five major issues that users have reported:

  1. Upgrading from an existing older version creates the “Bad username/password” error and dialogs. Deleting and reinstalling the app resolves this issue for most users.
  2. Even after a clean install, some users are reporting crashes at the start screen and are unable to use the app.
  3. NSXMLParserErrorDomain 5 error appears when trying to view posts on some blogs. Comments and pages work fine when this issue is present.
  4. Video – crash after compression finishes but before the upload begins when adding a video from your library.
  5. Video – crash during upload for many users.

Rest assured we are working to quickly resolve these items and get a new version back to you in the App Store as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience that this update has caused for some of you. We will let you know as soon as the new version is ready.

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  1. I am so lost without the Ipod ap. I upgraded and that failed, then wiped it out and that failed too. I am so in love with the old app but the new one just wont let me log in! Thanks for all of your work on it and I am sure it will be great once I get it to work.

  2. In addition to the bugs you mentioned, I have a problem when adding photos to a post. The upload (after picking a photo) works fine, but immediately after I’ve responded to the photo placement question (above or underneath the text) the app quits. This happens everytime, thus making it impossible to add photos to my posts.

  3. The NSXMLParserErrorDomain 5 issue is (from my experiences) a plugin issue. I’ve seen this error before on other WP iOS versions, and (humorously) when one plugin developer would fix the issue, another plugin would update & cause it again. :-)

    As far as video uploading goes, it seems to be a hosting issue. Many companies over crowd their servers, then restrict how much CPU resources each blog can use.

    While uploading images is fine, video files are usually larger which the hosts “rejects” forcing the app to crash. The same result happens when trying to upload videos to s account without purchasing VaultPress.

  4. When I use the WordPress Ios app and upload a picture it resizes it to something distorted with out the original dimensions

  5. I’ve had no luck with this new update. I’ve tried it with an iPhone 4 and an iPad. I’ve done a clean install and still cannot access my blog. After entering my username and password it hangs on ‘Loading blogs…’.

  6. Why not get rid of HTML editing? Why can’t we have a WYSISWYG editor? Why can’t it not be like the darn web interface?? There should be no reason why we have to code in HTML or have to sift through HTML in our blog posts on our mobile devices!

    It’s not intuitive at all.

  7. Thanks for the tip about plugins Darnell. We’ll look into that as we try some other things.

    For the videos, I believe it’s a combination of host configuration and the way we decided to do the uploading. I’ve been refactoring the way we upload the video all weekend, and should have a new beta build for testing shortly. If you have any suggestions/ideas about how we could best communicate the ideal server configuration or tell people what they need to tell their shared hosts, let me know.

  8. Branson, you are absolutely right. The app needs to provide the same kind of WYSIWYG functionality that you get with WordPress. We are looking to add that in the near future. This is definitely on our to do list. If you have any suggestions about how we should implement it let me know.

  9. Love the app, but I’m using it to post pictures (without text).

    The old version did this perfectly,but the new one has two annoyances:
    1. Image size is included in HTML. I use a resize script in WordPress to scale all uploaded images. The values in HTML are incorrect.
    2. If you upload an image without text, the text ‘tap here to begin writing’ is posted.

  10. I’m having problems with the upload of photos, meaning that it’s not adding the lightbox code before the img src, which was working just fine on the previous version. Any clue? Just my 2 cents to help improving an almost perfect blogging app.


  11. Downloaded the Ap on my Iphone 3x’s. It crashed on me once I entered my username and password to my blog.
    Any thoughts? Ryan

  12. I notice that the app really messes up when I try and rotate it to landscape whilst typing. Specifically, it ends the typing mode (I have to tap a finger in the text field to start typing again), and it seems to keep the text width of the portrait mode rather than expanding the text to fill the full width of the landscape window. There’s also some interface ghosting on the right-hand side of the screen when this happens.

  13. Is there a way you can send the previous version until the problems for the small minority are fixed? I cannot even use the new update now. It crashes every time. I use a first generation Touch, using 3.1.3.

  14. Rechena, I think this is related to a CSS class not being added to the tag that was there in 2.5. If that’s the case we’ve already fixed it and it will definitely be taken care of in 2.6.1.

  15. I’ve tried deleting the old app, installing the new app clean (several time), clearing all apps out of memory, etc. I still get the bad password error.

    If you need more info, feel free to email me about it.


  16. Since the Update, I can’t use the app. It starts loading and crashes evry time I try.
    I’m using iOS 3.x with an iPhone 2G.

  17. cipote85
    I was getting similar problems accessing, so I wiped the blogs I had listed in the app and recreated them. Good thing I didn’t have any local drafts! This seems to have solved my access issue, but the app still dies on my once in a while on the ipad (which is my primary device where this gets used).

  18. since the update on my ipad the app has become unusable. It crashes at random intervals which would be bad on its own but it is some of the lost functionality that now makes the app useless:

    – images added to a local draft when the ipad is offline are lost (not uploaded)
    – images that are uploaded when online are distorted and don’t have the white framing that app v2.5 inserted
    – often images added don’t show up in the blog post

    please give us v2.5 again until all the issues with 2.6 have been solved!

  19. Both in portrait and landscape orientation, the article text field runs off the side of the screen. Any words (and spaces) up to about four characters long disappear. Rather disconcerting when you are trying to write a piece of professional text.
    Additionally, if you preview when you are part way through your article, previewing again at a later moment does not show the changes since the first preview.
    Thirdly, tags seem to be converted to lower case after the initial capital on the first tag. I like to have all my tags capitalized for consistency and readability but I have to edit the new tags through the web interface.
    Apart from these minor niggles, the rest looks good so far…

  20. Josh, are you trying to add a blog or a self-hosted site? In other words, does your blog live on If not, then it sounds like you might be trying to add a blog when you should be using the last option, “Add existing site.”

  21. Hi There, Any idea when we might be seeing an update? I know I am excited to get blogging again. I had come to love and rely on my wordpress app. Code isn’t feeling very poetic right now.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  22. Thanks for everyones hard work on this app! Now I know there’s already a bunch of comments on this issue but the resizing and aspect ratio distortion of uploaded images is an app killer for me. Two questions:

    – Is it possible for the image resize settings (thumb/med/lrg) to be read from the settings of the blog being posted to?

    – Is the aspect ratio distortion issue on the list for fixes in the next release?

    Thanks again.

  23. I would just like to add that having just been to italy and primarily using the app offline I noticed a few issues when I upgraded when I managed to get hotel wifi. Primarily my concern is that I get 4 NSAlerts pop up telling me I am offline and I also cannot seem to add images to posts without being online.

    The offline features were what drew me to this app in the first place, its a really good way to keep on blogging when traveling and not racking up huge data bills, but still keeps your timeline and location data. Aside from that I like the update and have had no issues aside from the bad user / pass message on update (which a clean install fixed) and I also have the same issue as Timothy Bolton where the landscape mode breaks when writing a post.

    Hope the feedback helps… looking forward to the next update! :)

  24. Giles, thanks for the feedback. The image “squishiness” bug (as we’ve started calling it) is taken care of in 2.6.1, which is currently under review at the App Store and should be available shortly.

    As far as reading the resize settings from the blog, we are limited to the functionality available through the XML-RPC API. Currently that’s not available, but this is a great idea. We’ll look into adding this functionality to XML-RPC, and thus the app, sometime soon.

  25. Sorry for the inconvenience Tee. Version 2.6.1 is currently under review in the App Store and should be out very soon.

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