Introducing Version 2.6

We’re very happy to announce that the latest version of WordPress for iOS, Version 2.6, is now live in the App Store. Go get it while you read the rest of this post!


Since the introduction of video in the iPhone 3GS, we’ve received requests for the ability to record video within the app and then upload it directly to a blog. With the introduction of the iPhone 4 these requests become even more frequent. With 2.6 you can now record, upload, attach, and play videos within the app. When paired with a VideoPress upgrade, this feature becomes an even more powerful way to publish videos from your iOS device to the web.

Local Drafts

We’ve also heard and share your frustration regarding losing posts saved as Local Drafts. Nothing’s worse than working on a great post only to have it disappear. That’s why we took all of August to completely rewrite the areas of the app that handle Local Draft posts and pages. We’re now using Apple’s lovely Core Data technology to save posts locally before they’re published or saved online.

While that change alone will bring a new level of stability and reliability to the way Local Drafts are treated, we took it a step further and added some triple checking to determine if a post has truly been published and can safely be removed from your Local Drafts library. Once you publish a Local Draft, we do an additional call to verify that the ID we got back from the server during a publish actually exists as a post or page we can retrieve. Only after we’ve verified that your new post does indeed exist on the server do we go ahead and delete the old Local Draft. All of this happens in the background, within a second or two. We think that’s pretty nifty!


One of the nicest things about editing a post with WordPress is the autosave draft feature. If something happens and you need to revert to an older version of a post, you can just select a previous version and restore it without issue. We’ve implemented a similar feature in 2.6. When Autosave is enabled, while you’re working with a post, a small grey WordPress logo will appear in the bottom right-hand corner to let you know that autosaves exist for that post. Click the logo, and you’ll flip over to a screen that will allow you to restore the post from one of those autosaves.

Setup Process

Another area of the app that we felt needed some attention was the Add Blog/Site Setup process. Previously it felt too clunky, slow, and non-intuitive. So we’ve completely rewritten this area as well, allowing users a quick way to add their blogs, and giving users a faster, more streamlined experience when adding their sites.

Media Library

What would a new video feature be without a new Media Library to go along with it? We’ve taken the old Photos tab and turned it into a new Media Library more along the lines of what you’re used to with WordPress. We’re now giving you additional information about media items such as dimensions and file size, as well as the ability to insert media items into a post above or below your content. Look for even more expansion in this area in coming releases.

Bugfixes and Enhancements

All of you have been incredibly patient as we took our time to make sure this release resolved many long-standing issues, both large and small. While new features and functionality are nice, if an app isn’t stable enough to use, all of those features are worthless. Keeping this in mind, for the past three months we’ve been fixing bugs here and there each day as we continued to work on new features. We think 2.6 includes enough bugfixes and performance enhancements that they deserve to be listed as a separate item. If you’d like to learn more about the bugs we’ve fixed or just keep up with our progress as we move along with each version, you can check out the Trac Timeline.

Also, one more note about bugfixes. While this release took a very long time to get from our hands to yours, we don’t anticipate the same amount of time for future releases. So from now on expect to see major releases more often, each followed by one or two small bugfix releases soon after. (We’ll be submitting 2.6.1 shortly.)

Beta Team

We’ve also got to give a shout out to our Beta Team. One of the most challenging things about iOS development is that the release process tends to be a little slow, so getting patches and fixes out quickly can sometimes be a challenge. Not to mention that, as developers, we’re sometimes blind to the idea that we could ever make a mistake while coding. So working with our testers on the Beta Team has been incredibly helpful in making this app much more stable, reliable, and enjoyable. With their help, we’re able to catch and fix bugs before they get into the final release. Kudos to all of you.


As always, your feedback and input is much appreciated, and is absolutely crucial in helping us make the app and your user experience better. You can reach us on Twitter at @WordPressiOS or on the WordPress for iOS Forums. And if you find a new bug (no way!) please don’t hesitate to submit a new ticket in Trac.

If you find that this version is an improvement over previous versions, we’d appreciate if you noted that in an App Store review. More than any other metric, App Store reviews help to let us and our users know where the app stands in terms of quality, and what areas we need to focus on in the future.


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  1. Being on the Beta Team was a very exciting experience.
    To now see 2.6 in the App Store for all to utilize is a real treat.

    Great work to you Chris and to all others that were involved.

  2. This version does not work at all. There already are some Bad comments from German Users in the Apple Store. I think that is not fair to do. There are realy a lot of strange things going on. For example if you upgraded you get Authentication errors if you reinstall it crashes wen changing amount of last posts in the settings field. It can’t be used at the moment. Might be something in the Apple Store went wrong.

  3. With this new app version I cannot login into my wordpress installation. -)

    I’m positive about the user & password I’ve entered, but the application keeps telling me “wron user/password combination”

  4. If you’re having trouble with “wrong user/password combination” after upgrading the app, just edit your blogs on the app and re-enter your password.

  5. I can’t get this version if this app to work at all. Everytime I try to add a video on my iPhone, the app crashes and drops out. I lose all my work. The same thing happens on my iPad with videos. I have tried robboting my phone to clear memory, but I get exactly the same problem whenever I try. Give me back the previous version please.

  6. I have problem in this version. When I attach video and compress process is complete, apps always closed. So, video attachment always failed because apps always closed.

    I dont know whats wrong with this. FYI, my video duration only 1 minutes.

  7. I updated my iPad to the latest version this morning now the app doesn´t work anymore. For example: the authentication fields for my credentials are unreachable(scrolling up out of the screen).

  8. The app is 100% broken for me. Bad username/password (even after removing and re-adding my sites), communication errors (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5), and complete app crashes every single time I open the app. Extremely disappointed in how poor this update was coded. While the old version had bugs, at least it functioned. Sad.

  9. For those of you getting the “wrong user/password combination”, please try deleting and reinstalling the app. Please be sure to convert any local drafts to online drafts before doing this.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, this issue is related to moving the internal data structure to Core Data. Most people report that deleting and reinstalling resolves the issue. For those who still see the issue after trying this, we’re working on a fix now.

  10. Martijn, iOS 4.2 Beta 2 was released after 2.6 was submitted to Apple, so there’s no way we can guarantee that it will work. Future versions will of course be tested against it, but we can’t really officially support it while it’s still in beta.

  11. I’m from Germany and the App doesn’t work at all. I always get the “wrong user/password combination” error.
    Now I just reinstalled the app and I can only choose to create a new blog or usw an existing blog from or ?!?!? What is this????
    I would really like to use a self hosted blog!!!

  12. Wow, sorry but I have to say complete FAIL on this version. I got the username/password issue. Deleted app, rebooted iphone, downloaded again from app store. Now I can’t add any of my blogs even loaded. Even when I kill the app and start again it just spins trying at loading blogs. App crashes every other time.

    I have never had any upgrade go as bad as this one. Please test , test, test before releasing next time. People for both business and pleasure rely on this app. Hire someone to do the work and start charging for the app if need be. Happy to pay but if needs to work. WP updates are now DOA from my iPhone until there is a fix.

    Looking forward to a fix.

  13. Hi Andy,

    I was so looking forward to this app update and hated to miss the beta testing call.

    I faced the same bad username/password errors on iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0 and after deleting and re-installing the app, I could add my blogs. Now I see 2 more issues.

    1. On the posts screen – Communication error – the network connection was lost. Comments screen lods fine.

    2. After a video gets compressed, the app crashes.

    I know there has been a lot of work that went into this update but I hope these are minor issues.

  14. Those of you that are having issues even after deleting/reinstalling, we need someone to volunteer to try a new test build. None of the users in our Beta Team have experienced this issue so I’d like to have someone we know for sure cannot currently use the app even after delete/reinstall. Any takers?

  15. My issue is with photographs. I’m having problems uploading photographs, and everytime I try, I get a combination of crashing/bad username/parse errors. The photos register as “(null)” in the body part of my post. Frustrating, to say the least. 🙁 Please fix the app soon.

  16. Alanna, have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? That seems to be helping most people that are getting bad username/password dialogs.

  17. Yes, I’ve done that already. It doesn’t fix the photographs issue though. I can log in and get to my blog, but the photographs still don’t upload.

  18. Chris,

    Particulars: self-hosted WordPress 3, network configuration with 2 blogs, SSL connection (whole blog network/webserver is https), iOS 4.1 on iPhone4, WordPress App 2.6

    1st blog is at root of WordPress install (i.e. /wordpress). Don’t seem to have issues with it. Was able to modify posts, preview with theme, and all that jazz.

    2nd blog is a subdirectory of root WordPress install (i.e. /wordpress/directory). Constantly get communication errors (username/password) when looking at posts. Gets to the point where the app has to be exited and restarted. Deleted App multiple times and reloaded it from App store. Errors seem to be related to the handling of network blogs in subdirectories (in my case). Can see list of posts no problem, just has issues when editing existing posts or trying to create a new one (cant’ due to communication errors). Don’t have comments on my blog, so can’t test that functionality. Could create a test page no problem either, as well as view it. Seems problem may be confined to username/password and/or xmlrpc handling in the ‘posts’ code.

    Noticed UI inconsistency between post and pages. Pages status is set using spinner, whereas post status has a separate page of options with check mark. Would be better for a more consistent user experience if the same UI elements were used in both parts of the app.

    Separate blog hosted at has no issues with the 2.6 app.

    Hope that helps!


  19. Chris, it is write-enabled for owner, and I use the admin account on my mobile application. I have previously blogged from my phone with no problems. Hope that helps.

    (Sorry I can’t reply to that particular post, I think the nested comments are capped at 4!)

  20. Removing the app and reinstalling and re-adding my websites fixed my login issues, but I noticed two things.

    First, in the old days, after we uploaded pictures, the app would create the HTML code that displayed the pic and linked to it as well. This new version simply displays the picture, no link. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional.

    Second, Uploaded pics taken from my phones camera work fine. Pictures that I saved off the internet don’t upload correctly. Let’s say I download a portrait oriented picture that is for example 400 width and 700 tall and want to use it. When I upload it gives me options for resizing it, but they are the same options giving for creating a 4:3 picture with standard camera resolutions. The aspect ratio will get killed and it will upload the picture in landscape mode, which stretches it a lot. If I choose the original option, then it tries to upload a pic that us 2592×1936. It completely ignores the original file size. And it still uploads it with landscape dimensions, which stretches a portrait picture. This seems like a crazy bug. It’s as if the app can’t distinguish between a photo taken by the phone and a photo that is saved from the internet.

    Hope I made some sense with my ramblings.

  21. Awesome! I’ll be looking forward for the update. If you guys need any more beta testers, I’ll be happy to help out. I love this app!

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  23. it’s crash city! can’t add a video at all – it just crashes every single time
    did anyone test this version!? poor showing sorry….

  24. Hi, firstly I got to thanks those who build, upgrade and tested this app. I have just updated and I notice 2 issues currently.

    1) my old draft post has all gone missing. Any way to recover them?

    2) and the video attachment crashes the app. Notice much people has this problem too.

    Hope there’s a fix to the problems I am facing.Thanks

  25. I’ve updated, then de-installed, then re-installed the 2.6 version, but it still won’t let me upload media. It crashes after I add it to the post. Video and images.

    I have it attached to a “.org” install (meaning one that I installed on my own web server) but it worked with the previous version of the WP iOS app 🙁

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…

  26. The HTTP Auth option, is that supposed with basic http authentication that I manually add to my site? My site is not ready for production so I’ve password protected it that way. Right now I get NSUrlDomainError -1012 when trying to add my site.

  27. Found 2 more issue..

    3) Photos are uploaded to server even when save to LOCAL draft.

    4) After attaching photos, the App will shuts downs when trying edit publish date.(the date does not even show)

    And what I means on problem 1 was also on save LOCAL draft.


  28. The app is 100% broken for me. Bad username/password (was fixed when I deleted and reinstall again), communication errors (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5) that block me to see my posts. Extremely disappointed in how poor this update was coded. While the old version had bugs, at least it functioned. Sad… Is possible to return to previous version? If yes, how?

  29. I’m getting a NSUrlDomainError when trying to use the app with HTTP authentication (on another note, it would be nice if it supported digest authentication).

    I haven’t been able to log in to any site. Same username/password error as others have posted here.

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  31. Same here, every time I try to open the app it just crashes after a couple of seconds. Doesn’t matter how many times I delete and reinstall it either :/ not too impressed with the update, so back to the previous version for now, at least that worked!

  32. The new features sound great, if the App actually worked. Since ugrading it won’t accept my username or password.

  33. Hi,

    I have a very critical problem.

    When I upload an image I do not get class=”alignnone size-full” class any more. Also it gives width and height to image in html. This crashes my blog. Why did you change this?

  34. Hey guys you may wanna fix the new update!!

    I’m using an iPhone 4 and keep getting this…. Communication Error (Bad User Name and Password)

    I use this app everyday so I hope you deal with this quickly!

  35. Awesome! Always want to be able to do more with my blog right from my iPhone. But now I’ll have to upgrade from my iPhone 3G, as I currently can’t take advantage of your sexy video features!

  36. I – like many people – am getting an immediate crash at application startup.

    – Virgin install (i.e. not an upgrade)
    – iPhone 3G 16GB
    – iOS 3.1.3.
    – 3.9GB free space
    – connected via home WiFi network

    Don’t forget that iPhone 3G users are effectively locked at using iOS 3.x as iOS 4 makes the phone unusable. I believe many iPhone 3GS users have also stayed / downgraded to the iOS 3.x level for performance reasons.

  37. when uploading pictures hhe html code created is wrong. aspect ratio of pics is wrong. this makes the program unusable.

  38. I was excited about the update until I tried to use it. It gave me the bad user name and password error, so I deleted all the blogs I had listed, readded them and that was fine- Until I tried to make a post. It shows comments but it isn’t showing the posts, and is giving me an NSXMLparsererrordomain error 5. I’ve never had any problems on any of the other verions and now I am. I’ve tried everything and I haven’t changed the theme of my blogs, so there shouldn’t be any problems. There is obviously a glitch with this update.

    I’m using the iPhone 4.

  39. I’m having the exact same issues that Karthik mentioned, even after deleting the app and reinstalling. The comments load fine. I get a 500 communication error when I try to load the posts. And the app crashes after compressing video.

    I’m willing to help test if you’re still looking for volunteers.

  40. I have an iPhone 3G with 3.1.3 and it refuses to load. I see the loading screen with the logo and then it goes back to the home screen. I have installed, un-installed, and re-installed. The same thing happens.


  41. It all works for me, bar the video upload. Sometimes it compresses the video, then the app crashes. Photo uploads seem okay though.

  42. Totally broke a useful app.

    Is it working 100% for anyone at all??

    Crashes for me a couple of seconds after I press the logo.

    Terrible work.

  43. It makes no sense to me why you would build a native app for all the different mobile devices instead of building a HMTL5 web app that works on all of them. build once and deploy on all mobile platforms! Save time and money.

  44. The latest version crashes at startup for me too

    My Config
    . Self hosted – WordPress blog
    . iPhone 2G running iOS 3.1.2

  45. I second–all folks I know with 3G have kept/downgraded to iOS 3.x. Having the WP app work on all versions of iOS would be extremely smart.

  46. We have a minimum iOS version requirement of 3.0. The issue you’re encountering isn’t intentional, we don’t want non-4.0 users to be left out. It will be fixed in 2.6.1. 🙂

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