WordPress for Android 1.3.4: Wonky Bugs Fixed & New Comment Feature Added

Huzzah! Today we’ve released a new spiffed-up WordPress for Android app, which not only runs better but also has a cool new comment notification feature.  And as we toast our latest work, we must also give all of you a huge thanks — your feedback has been critical to helping us improve the app.

*update August 25th* – Turns out that the post view fix wasn’t working so well on non Froyo devices.  We found the fix for that and released version 1.3.5 this morning.

First, let’s look at the handy new comment changes:

Now, when you get a new comment, you’ll see the actual text of the comment in the Android notification bar. Also, when you select the comment notification to moderate the comment, it will now be there instantly in the Comments view instead of requiring you to refresh.

And here are the bugs fixed in WordPress for Android 1.3.4:

  • A login prompt now asks you to input your password again if you happened to have changed it from the last time you used the app.
  • Previewing a blog post should now work better and be more stable.
  • Multi-language support is improved, long strings of text won’t make the interface break.
  • The image uploader no longer occasionally crashes when dealing with very large images (>8Mb).
  • When editing a blog post, extra paragraph HTML tags will no longer be randomly added, which was happening sporadically.
  • The option to turn off the Mobile Theme will no longer randomly disappear.
  • The app will no longer unexpectedly crash if the data connection type changed during a process. (Switching from, say WiFi to a 3G network should now not make the app crash.)

So that’s about it. If you ever notice anything wonky in the app, feel free to submit a bug report to the WordPress for Android Trac, available here: android.trac.wordpress.org. Thank you and enjoy!


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. This was a triumph.
    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    (Still Alive lyrics)

  2. Hmmm I got an error uploading media files with my android 1.5 (samsung spica) to an WP 3.0.1. I can upload media files trough a normal computer, but not trough the android app. I gives everytime the error that something went wrong…

  3. Why does the android app require so many permissions? Full internet access makes sense, and modify SD card is needed in Android 2.2 to store the app there, but why GPS location and phone identity?

  4. Love the app but when I edit a post it deletes the post except the first line and the title. Samsung moment android 2.0

  5. Hi,

    First of all: A very nice and very usefull app.!!

    Next, I have a wish:
    When I use this app, I’m outside my home, otherwise I’d just use my PC, right?

    It could then be VERY usefull, if the app could collect my location, wich then could be checked [ON] or [OFF] inside the (just like the [PUBLISH NOW?]-botton) app, and then generated a small “Google Streetview”-map just below my post.

    I’v tried with several other geo-app’s that could capture my location, but without anything like my above idea.

  6. Hi there.

    The “Location” feature is NOT working! The icon for satelite-connection on my HTC-Legend is on and I can view the map, but there is NOTHING in my post, after submitting…

  7. If you have a WordPress.com blog, you won’t see anything in the post yet. If you view it in the WP-Admin area, you will see the location displayed there.

  8. I had to clear data for the app after the update ( system or app update I don’t know, I have both ) before it worked for me…

    It was requiring a Force Close each time ( and immediately after ) I ran it before this.

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  10. Hello!

    Thank you very much for the program.

    Everything looks just fine. Only one error I caught. Instead of Cyrillic symbols it is Quoted printable. Can you fix this?

    Thank you very much, again.

    God bless you

  11. I can’t get anywhere with this app. I get error 502 whenever I try to log in. I have a wordpress blog installed on my own domain. I’d love to use this! Open to suggestions…

    ~peter in oakland

  12. I used wordpress before but I don’t know how to use many of its function. Will try again. Hopefully this time it works better.

  13. Any chance you guys will make an apk available outside of the Android Market for people who want to sideload? (not every Android device comes with the Market)

  14. Only problem is that it doesn’t recognise if you turn off notifications. They turn right back on!

  15. Hi Dan. Trying to turn all off for a blog I’m an admin for but don’t monitor comments for as I’m hands off. Unchecking that blog in the options does nothing as it just rechecks the field.

  16. OK, do you have more than one android device? I see two groups of notification settings for your account. Can you maybe try signing out and in again, and then try saving your notification settings?

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