Help us test WordPress for Android!

As we’re getting ready to launch the next update to our Android app, we’d really love your feedback on bugs you’ve encountered and other oddities in general that you’ve seen when using WordPress for Android. If you’d like to go even further you could help out a lot by simply using the app a lot and trying different things, and then reporting anything weird that you might find.

If you find a bug: submit a ticket at, or write a detailed comment below explaining exactly what you did and what happened. There are also forums.

For developers out there wanting to get involved, you can browse the source code and check out a copy of the app via SVN:

We look forward to your feedback!


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Hey guys, you need to fix things, your forum register does not work.

    Your app is giving me or.xmlpull …… error. Someone posted that it was because of an google analytics plugin error. Well, I do not have them.

    I am using WP app on Motorola DroidX.

    BTW, your TRAC is also broken.

    Have very little faith in what you guys are doing if you cannot even get the web working right.

  2. I’ve tried the app on my HTC EVO but my sites theme requires setting a post thumbnail for each post so I am unable to use this app to actually publish posts, I could create/edit drafts and have done so easily but image functions would be awesome.

  3. Our forum registration is working correctly, what was the issue you were having?

    The Trac site is up as well… were you having problems signing in to it? You will need to create a login at in order to login there.

    You can also email us at android at automattic dot com for help with your configuration.

  4. I’ve been using the Android application for some time now with no real issues.
    HTC Hero using firmware 2.1 update 1

  5. Hi,

    I was starting to write an entry the other day when the app suddenly crashed and lost all that I’d entered. What I was doing at the time was trying to italicise 2 words using the I button on the GUI. What seems to have happened was I’d enable italics then entered the first word, it italicised ok, but then the second word didn’t get italicised so I deleted it, went back to the first italicised word and tried typing the second word again. This time the second word was italicised but the first word had lost its styling. It’s at this point that the app crashed.

    I was working off-line at the time, and was expecting an automated draft to have been created locally, sadly that wasn’t the case so I re-wrote my entry later in the browser.

    Auto-drafts certainly would be a useful feature. For info, I run an HTC Hero (Unlocked GSM), running android 2.1

  6. Hi. Well 1.3.3 version looks nice on my htc legend device but I cannot access the posts from it, while I can see my dashboard and create new ‘posts’.

    The second problem I found is that we cannot cut and edit the position and size of images on the app so when you see it back on a computer it can look just awful.

    Otherwise I like it… Good job

  7. I am using WordPress for Android from the Market.

    One issue thorugh, the Stats, its showing the stats for my site and not for the site that I have configured to use it ..

    I will submit a trac as well .. Just wanted you guys to know .. Awesome job guys !! love the way it works .. Nexus one with Froyo + WP = Awesome .

  8. I have just downloaded this app(version1.3.3) for my HTC Desire and tried it. Positives – linked up to my exisiting blog strightaway. Got a list of the comments and can read them. Getting stats. It will list the posts and pages but when I try to access them I am getting error messages. – One is Invalid Index. The ohter I am unsure of, it just says problem getting to this page. Am not using a wifi connection to do this but will try it and se if I get any better results

  9. You can’t get to the posts tab?

    You can change the size of the images in the blog settings (Select Blog -> Menu -> Settings -> Max Thumbnail Width).

  10. Stats tab requires a login that never works for me. I have my own blog hosted on my own domain. I can moderate comments, create posts and pages but stats gives me an incorrect login every time. I’m able to view the stats when I login to my dashboard via my computer with no problems. HTC Evo

  11. I tried to use the widget for my Android and I have an account with WP. However, the name and password I use to get into admin were regected. Also, another WP app needed my API # from my profile. Where do I find this one?

  12. I’ve yet to get stats working on self hosted in spite of all testing. Other than that it runs extremely well on droid x. An autosave in post editing similar to google docs would proactively resolve crashes causing data loss.

    I can’t think of any other major things. You guys have done a fantastic job!

  13. Stats work fine for me on my self-hosted WordPress site. This might be because I have the stats plugin installed though

  14. Searching the forums did not provide me with an answer, so maybe I’m just daft, or no-one else has my problem – or it is not yet included in the app?

    Uploading new posts and “commenting on comments” work fine on HTC Desire (2.2). However, writing the first comment to a new post is impossible using the app(?!)
    When reading the post (displayed as any browser) you have the option to log in, and from there post your comment, but shouldn’t that be possible directly from the app?

  15. I think you’re right, that isn’t possible in the app at the moment. What’s the use case for replying to your own post?

  16. Well, some of my former fellow students and I have a collaborative blog – as in multiple authors. So it would be nice to be able to comment on posts by others using the app rather than using a web browser.
    (I know this may be a luxury problem, but I am hoping this could be a quick feature to add.)

    An alternative (single user) case could be adding a comment to an older post – maybe some new/alternative information to something already posted, but not necessarily “big” enough to qualify for a new post?

  17. Oh yes, please improve this app :o)

    High on my wish list: The ability to insert an image a specific place in the post (maybe even align it), AND ad a caption.

    If this is already possible, please tell me how.

  18. I totally agree. Please add “Comment” in the Post Actions popup in the Posts tab so that we can directly comment to a post. There is presently no way to do this in the app and I need to directly reply to posts quite often. Thanks.

  19. Many contributors and authors ask me questions by posting a new post on my blog. I reply to them by commenting on them. I cannot reply to them via the Android app since this basic feature of directly commenting on a post is missing in app. Please add it asap. You can add “Comment” in the Post Actions popup in the Posts tab Thanks.

  20. It’s a good app, but it won’t take words with accents commonly used in Spanish. The posting will be cropped at the first accented letter as: á, é, í, ó, ú. I could use this app if this is fixed…

  21. I just tried to reproduce this by following your steps. At the end I still received the prompt. Can you try it again to see if it still happens for you?

  22. 1.3.3 was working great on my HTC Desire until I upgraded the phone ROM to Android 2.2. Now it tells me my connection to is refused. I have removed any ad-blocking apps but this made no difference.
    My blog is self-hosted and WP stats works fine on my laptop and desktop so it is purely due to the android update. Any help would be appreciated – I’m really missing the stats part of this app.

  23. I have the WordPress app on my Motorola Android and my camera has a tab for sharing video to wordpress, but when I upload, it says file format not supported. Do I need to upgrade to upload directly?

  24. First off, I love this app! Making an app that is so functional and not simply an appeasement to the Android community shows us that the WP folk mean business.

    I “shared” a URL from the built in browser, to the WordPress app. It opened up a new post, with the URL as the first text in the body.

    I started writing my post, whilst waiting for my kid at his soccer practice. I had 3-4 paragraphs of written text. At one point, I accidentally clicked the back button. I lost the whole thing.

    Now, if I had started up the app by selecting the icon, and started writing a new post, I wouldn’t have been able to accidentally loose my written post.’

    I’d have been offered an are-you-sure box.

    Yes, I should have saved my draft, I know. It’s totally my fault. But this little feature seems to not function when a post is started in this unorthodox manner.

    I’m using Cyanogen 6.0.0 RC3, on a Nexus One. I have the WordPress app, version 1.3.3.

  25. Since there’s no official 2.2 ROM for the desire, I bet the ROM you installed is blocking in the hosts file of the device.

  26. What do you mean “there’s no offical 2.2 ROM for desire”?

    My Desire got upgraded to 2.2 OTA a little more than a week ago, I would call that official.

    And I has caused me no problems with WordPress for Android.

    @Harry: Can you connect to the adress in the browser on your Android?

  27. I’d like to add my two cents as a moderator. I LOVE being able to review comments and delete or unapprove as needed from my Android. The problem for me is in the reply function. When I respond directly to a comment, MY comment simply appears at the bottom of the comment thread, with no indication of who I am commenting TO. On the web version, I can cut and paste to indicate a quote and @address the commenter by name. On my mobile I only have a tiny space to respond and can’t reference the post to which I am responding. So… a more powerful “respond” option? I’ve also been told that my comments appear in the thread correctly for other mobile devices, i.e. iPods. I’m on T-Mobile G1, WordPress version 24. Oh yeah, and if I really had my dream feature, it would be to receive notifications only for comments being held for approval. Thank you so much for this wonderful app!

  28. Ok, take this as a suggestion:

    [TITLE (like today)]
    [CONTENT (like today)]
    [MEDIA (like today)]
    [CAPTION (text)]
    [ALIGNMENT (choice: Left/center/right)]
    [CONTENT 2 (like, content, but after picture)]

    That way I can make text before and after the picture (or just the one) and make a caption under my picture (or how my design places it).

    Of course that would limit my posting to one media per posting, but isn’t that really what we do, 98% of the time when we are limited to using our Androids?

    Take it as a suggestion. And thanks for listening to us users.

  29. @Rob Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can connect to the address via the browser.

    Dan, the official update has been released but the carrier I’m with hasn’t released it as a modified OTA yet. Hence, unofficial update on rooted phone but all other aspects of WP app working perfectly.

    Suggestions for a fix if it is a hosts file issue?

  30. If you’re comfortable with adb, you can pull the hosts file from /system/etc/hosts and then remove the line that has Then save it back and it should work.

    I think that installing the AdFree app modifies your hosts file, but uninstalling it doesn’t put it back to the way it was originally 🙁 I contacted the authors of the app about the issue and they didn’t seem willing to cooperate.

  31. Hi Dan
    Wordpress stats sorted after modifying my hosts file as you suggested. 4 instances of required removal.
    Your help is hugely appreciated.

  32. Would be great if the app had a function to add Custom Fields to a post. The theme I use requires me to use a “postimage” custom field so I can use thumbnails other than the default thumbnail for new posts. Yes I can always wait until I get back to my PC and edit the post or login to WordPress via the web browser on my Droid, but then I think that would defeat the purpose of the app. Theme I use is called Anime Visual My web site is I have a few posts up there so you can check out to see what happens when I upload a video or pic through the app. The test posts are titled Android Pic and Video post.

  33. Hi

    1.3.5 crashes on Dell Streak running Android 2.1-update1 when trying to add media. That’s the case both for existing pictures or taking a new one.


  34. Ive been using it for about 3 weeks now and for the most part it works on my Epic 4g however a few things. 1. It adds the html to the actual post for paragraph breaks and doesnt actually recognize it as html (inserts single line break where the paragraph tags should be). I can edit the post and when I correct the formatting, it takes, but not on the initial publish.

    Also, it doesnt seem to like uploading images to the post. It may just be the Epic 4g or Android 2.1.

    I can use it but I have to edit it in order for the formatting to be correct, and without the option of adding images.

  35. Check the permissions on your wp-content/upload folder, that has helped a lot of folks with self hosted blogs get image upload working.

  36. Hi guys! I currently downloaded the app for my Nexus S (HK Version), but occurred a problem when I was opening this app to connect to my blog. The problem is “connection error” Read error: ssl=0x31c050: I/O error during system call, Connection reset by peer.

    Fix it plz! Thx@@

  37. hi, I need to check in some code. but when I svn ci, It says: “Authentication realm: Use your login”, I use my username and password to login, bug “authorization failed “, how to do?

  38. I downloaded it for htc sensation, wrote out a new post and found that i have no way if exiting or posting said new post. Am i missing something or is actually something going wrong…

  39. I really love your website.. Pleasant colors & theme.
    Did you create this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m looking to create my own personal blog and want to learn
    where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named.

  40. Hi Derek

    Thanks for your reply and comments. Apologies for the delay in replying …

    Base template by The Cloisters – “Autumn” something … Fairly heavily personalised by me including colour changes.


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