WordPress for Android: 100,000 Users and Counting

Not only is today the 7th birthday of WordPress, it is also marks the day that WordPress for Android crossed the 100,000 user mark! Since its release in February 2010, we’ve seen steady growth and great support from the Android community.

Here are some interesting stats on WordPress for Android as it reached 100,000 users:

Device Versions
A breakdown of Android versions that are running WordPress for Android:

2.1 (Eclair MR1) 39.90%
1.5 (Cupcake) 27.98%
1.6 (Donut) 23.57%
2.0 (Eclair) 8.13%
2.2 (Froyo) 0.19%

Here’s the top 10 languages that are using WordPress for Android. If you are interested in translating the app please visit translate.wordpress.org/projects.

English 70.69%
Korean 4.86%
German 4.09%
French 3.20%
Spanish 3.08%
Dutch 2.46%
Japanese 2.01%
Swedish 1.65%
Italian 1.31%
Russian 1.23%

So hats off to everyone involved with making WordPress for Android. We are excited about reaching this milestone and are most excited about what’s to come for the app in the future!


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

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  4. Surfing from my Android Evo I clicked the view video link on the android page and – no video but, rather a pop up showing anandoid. Still, I havedownloaded the WP app

  5. I have the Samsung Reality phone by samsung, can i blog with that phone? it won’t even let me log in. Or what can i do.

  6. i have the Samsung Reality phone from Verizon, i can’t seem to log in to wordpress. is there anything i can do? or is my phone not compatible??

  7. Android is a booming technology from Google and its users are increasing tremendously and as the users are increasing, Its developers are also in great demand. WordPress on Android is cool, now we can blog from Android phone also.

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