WordPress for iPhone OS 2.4

Barely one month ago, we teamed up with our friends at Small Society (they posted on their blog about this project) to design and build a version of WordPress that could take advantage of an amazing new device that a few of you may have heard about.

On February 26th, we had a whiteboard sketch of what the app might look like. On March 26th, we were preparing to submit the app to Apple for a preliminary review. And at the same time, we delivered version 2.3 for the iPhone, adding geotagging and the ability to load older posts and pages from the server. Needless to say, it’s been a bit hectic, but incredibly fun at the same time.

So what’s new for the iPad? In order to ensure that using WordPress on your iPad would be a great experience from day one, we decided not to add any new features. Nada. This release is all about taking advantage of a huge 9.7″ touchscreen. Writing and editing posts is far easier than before. Skimming through your comments and moderating them is far faster than before. And using the app is simply more beautiful than before. For more, there’s a quick overview of the app at iphone.wordpress.org.

While this is version 2.4 of our app, it’s really version 1.0 for the iPad. We’re just getting started, and we have so many ideas for new functionality that the iPad makes possible. We know seeing what other developers do with the iPad is going to inspire us even more. Once you’ve had a chance to use WordPress on your iPad, meet us at the WordPress for iPhone OS development blog at iphonedev.wordpress.org to talk about what’s next.

You can download WordPress for iPhone OS 2.4 from the App Store today. It’s a universal app, so it can be installed on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.1 or higher. It works with all WordPress.com blogs, as well as self-hosted blogs running WordPress 2.9.2.

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  1. I want an iPad too! And I am a win boy. But I think iPad is what I need. I’m gone crazy with those plastic netbooks. And you know what? I change: trash my netbook and go straight to the iPad. I want to trust Apple.

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  3. Looks great, but please seperate the iPad and iPhone versions as each does not need the code for the other, and optimizing the ap for the latest processors will mean that the oldest ones are compromised- meaning performance hesitations that you never see on the iPad will kill users on the 1st gen iPhone, like me.

  4. We think a Universal app is a great choice because it lets all users download and update one single app that can work on any kind of iPhone OS device. The new app is about the same size as the old one, so it won’t take more room to store or longer to download — and each version of our app is tested on hardware, including a first-generation iPhone. 🙂

  5. Great news. The app is sleek and looks promising, however I’m wondering why I can’t tap and hold to copy and paste. I just composed an entire post in Pages and now can’t post it into the WordPress app. Off to the web, I guess.

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  7. Hey Guys,
    Love the new App it is absolutely amazing. I picked up an iPad on saturday and just posttest my first blog post from it. I was so happy to see the new App ready for the iPad since I will be testing the iPad for 30 days trying to use my laptop as little as possible and blogging about it every day. Now Time For the Shameless Plug (Theothermacblog.com).

    One thing I did notice today was that their is no way to my knowledge to imbed links into the story. I was wondering if that is something you guys might be working on but if not it would be at the top of my lists of requests. Also their is no way to deal with spam comments. It would be nice if their was a separate place to approve or delete spam comments.

    Keep up the good work, once again so happy it was ready for iPad launch.

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  9. I really truly hope you guys deck out this app with all the ipad’s hardware capabilities. Could be the IDEAL on-site blogging machine!

    I hope you guys figure out a clever way to deal with iPad not supporting Flash.

  10. Thanks Tim — I’ve created a ticket about the intermittent cut and paste issues and we’ll have it fixed in the next version.

  11. To mark a comment as spam, just select it from the comment list, and tap the “action” button in the center of the bottom toolbar. You’ll see a button labeled “Mark comment as spam.” You can also mark multiple comments at once by tapping the Edit button in the Comments list, tapping the comments you want to mark as spam, then tapping the “Spam” button at the bottom of the list. 🙂

    When composing, if you type http:, a popup will appear that will take a title and URL and create the HTML for a link.

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