WordPress for iPhone Version 2.3.1 now in the App Store

[Update: We identified a bug in version 2.3 that can cause the app to crash if you post without geotagging.  Version 2.3.1 is now available on the App Store.]

The biggest new feature in this version is support for geotagging for WordPress.com blogs. It’s a very intuitive interface, and we have really high hopes to build on top of this initial support in future releases. For self-hosted WordPress sites, you can post with geotagging turned on, but nothing will be displayed quite yet on your site, although the data will be saved. In the coming days we will be releasing a plugin to provide geotagging display support for self-hosted WordPress. We’ll post about the plugin here on this blog.

This version also includes a couple of UI improvements, a bug fix for the “more” tag, and adds the ability to load more posts and pages beyond the default number chosen in your blog settings.

For support and feedback, please head over to the WordPress for iPhone forums. And as always, you can track and get involved with this Open Source development project by clicking over to the Making WordPress for iPhone blog. We’ve got some exciting developments in the queue for version 2.4 !

And an exciting number to share with all of you. Back in November 2009 some of you may remember that we posted that over 20,000 people had installed the WordPress app on their iPhones and iPods. Today, just a few months later, that number now stands at over 250,000 !


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. What about drafts? Can we finally see, edit and publish from and iPhone the drafts that we already have on the web site?


  2. Thanks for warning us! I was just about to download the app too!

    On another note, I guess this means I’ll have to wait before VideoPress is included. 🙁


    I love WordPress!

  3. Why can’t I find/download it in the App Store? I even try downloading from iphone.wordpress.org site and it says not found 🙁

  4. @nicola — if I understand your question, I believe you can do that today. I’m able to pull up drafts from my blog that were on the server in the iPhone app and edit and publish them.

  5. Just upgraded and checked: no remote drafts. Am I missing something? Some option, requirement or hack to do it? 😕


  6. @nicola — did you load more posts ? The posts are loaded up by date, so if your drafts are very old, you’ll need to load posts so the older dates are covered. Then those drafts will appear in the app.

  7. The problem with local draft post still exists, i.e I cant find it anywhere
    im using the new 2.3.1
    any idea where are the local draft?

  8. Hi albi — when local drafts are saved, they’ll appear at the top of the posts list. Look for the header labeled “Local Drafts” and be sure to scroll all the way to the top.

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