WordPress for iPhone Version 2.2 now in the App Store

Just got word that version 2.2 has been approved and is now in the App Store.

I’m very excited about this new version which is focused on improved comment moderation including:

  • Reply to Comments
  • Edit Comments
  • Highlighting the new items in the comment list

We hope this release will make the comment experience on the go much more enjoyable and useful.

For support and feedback, please head over to the WordPress for iPhone forums. And as always, you can track and get involved with this Open Source development project by clicking over to the Making WordPress for iPhone blog.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Does this release include any other bugfixes, such an the one where a local draft without a title is irretrievable?

  2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t recognize apostrophes. At least, it didn’t when I posted a reply to a comment on my blog just now. I had to go in on my PC and edit them in.

  3. The app definitely does. 🙂 If you’re having a problem, it must be between the app and your blog. Post some detailed information about the problem in the iPhone forums and one of our developers will try to help you out.

  4. It would be really cool if user be able to edit all information of unapproved comment. Not only text. But Name, URL and e-mail. Thanks for really great app!

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