WordPress For iPhone Screencast

The WordPress for iPhone App is nearly ready to go. It supports WordPress.com blogs as well as self-hosted WordPress.org blogs running version 2.5.1 or newer.

Timing wise, with the launch of Apple’s iTunes App store this morning, we expect to see this showing up very soon.

While we wait, here is a brief video showing the App in action. (It’s high quality, so may take a moment to kick off.)

Over the coming days we will be posting more information about upcoming features, how to report bugs and how to get involved with this project.

Stay tuned !


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. YES! I’ve been waiting to hear about this. I knew it had to have been in development after typepad got so much promotion for theirs 🙂

  2. AWESOME! I have been playing with 2.0 today and it’s so great. WordPress would make it FANTASTIC. I’d be more than happy to help test! 😉

  3. Have never seen any wordpress client for a normal smartphone of Nokia.. You guys ever tried or thought of working on that?

  4. YES! I want it! I’m very disappointed with ShoZu not supporting self-hosted WordPress blogs in the iPhone app.

  5. Yes! Finally! Awesome work guys.

    I’ll be getting my iPhone tomorrow, so I’m sure I’ll be busy trying out all the news apps all day, hopefully I’ll find some time to work.

    aren’t these apple products supposed to make us MORE productive, not LESS productive??? 😉

  6. This is great news. It will probably be the first app that I download after my first gen phone upgrades tomorrow (I hope).

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  8. on iPhone now. Don’t see video mentioned. Also went through every iPhone App on iTunes and didn’t see App

  9. Hey ! I was angry at you(Automattic) when i didn’t found a WP Native App in the App store.. now it seems to be ok..
    thank you guys

  10. I can’t wait!

    A native app is definitely the way to go and should be much better than the existing web-based plugins.

  11. Brilliant! I have been waiting for this for a long time now. The only thing I’d like to see in future releases is the ability to view and approve comments.

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  13. Damn nice, i wish u guys would make a app for my symbian phone also. UIQ
    Sony ericson P1i.
    Pitty that the SE uiq phones might not delvelope any more..
    pitty that SE goes for windows mobile…

  14. This is stupid – you should be demanding that the iPhone include a FULL browser so that the existing blogs display as they should – what are you going to do, create a NEW version for each mobile web device which comes out?

    Sheesh, be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE!

  15. Killer feature (for travelblogging, at least…) I didn’t see in the video: Pull the location the post is made/picture is taken from Core Location and put that in the post.

    Even BETTER — be able to link to previous geolocated posts and mashup an Indiana Jones style trip map.

    I’ll cheerfully volunteer to contribute these options myself, if nobody on the project now feels like it!

  16. I’ll cheerfully volunteer to contribute these options myself, if nobody on the project now feels like it!

    I hope you do! That’s the great part about opening this up. What we’ve designed and developed is only the beginning, just like WordPress itself. There’s so many cool possibilities with this new platform, and I’m looking forward to seeing how far we can push it.

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  19. This is the only App I’ve seen worth getting! Cant wait to get it! Great work guys 🙂 appreciate it!

  20. @ Satanux –

    Re: a BlackBerry app. We definitely see strong demand for that as well, and we are looking at mobile apps for a variety of devices.

  21. @Leech –

    This app is for both WordPress.com and self-installed WordPress.org blogs running version 2.5.1 or higher.

  22. typepad was ready. why wasnt wordpress?

    Does it matter? I don’t mean to be glib, but we’re all in uncharted waters. I haven’t tried the TypePad app yet, but it looks like they’ve got a nicely polished app. They’re also a way bigger company than Automattic. Nonetheless, we’re just about there. Real access for developers is just starting to be available in a major way. I’ve got high expectations for our open source app; I think once the WordPress community gets involved in its future, it’s really going to be something else.

    Anyway, I think the developer of MarsEdit said it best. 🙂

  23. FINALLY! I can’t wait guys… looks so good! And you’re able (it appears) to upload multiple images to one post like in a gallery! Excellent!!!

  24. hello matt, hello wordpress team,

    since you guys are planning this to be open source, would you mind if somebody would port it to work for installer?

    there’s thousands of iPhone users out there who will not take the chance to upgrade to 2.0 just yet. to have this app in Installer would be a blessing for 114 and 113 fw users.

    better yet, please port this to Installer yourself. I know you will have lots of users grateful for this.

    Thank you

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  26. Hi

    I would find it very useful to manage and reply to WordPress comments on the iPhone – is this something under consideration?


  27. Hi! I’m from Germany and I’m about to go to Mallorca tomorrow. To inform our parents and friends, this app would be really great. Does anyone know when the app can be bought in the app store or is there a beta to download? I’m really looking forward to the final release.
    Greetings! Sven

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  29. Exactly how long is it going to be before we get our hands on this app. i setup a wordpress account just because i ready this post.

  30. When the Apple App store opened and I saw Type Pad already had an iPhone app, my heart sunk. So you can imagine how pleased I am to see that you guys are working toward getting our own iPhone app. What’s great is that I can then blog from wherever in the world I am since having an iPhone is having my own pocket computer. Power on!!

  31. I’ve been waiting for this great news for a few days, until I found this article through Google! AWESOME!

  32. Must. Have. App.

    When will it be released?

    SHOZU SUCKS! I want this app for my iPhone!!!

    When? When????!

  33. Hi folks,

    The new iPhone App is awesome!

    One question… I’ve got a custom plugin I use to auto-galleryify image attachments and so on (basically like and based on the [gallery] shortcode, but you don’t have to type it in to get a gallery)…

    Would it be possible to have an option in the iPhone app to attach the images, but not add the html to the post? Currently I have to save the post and then edit to get rid of the auto-html with the images in it, because it’ll be added by my plugin automagically anyways.

    I figure this might be interfering if people are using the gallery shortcode to put thumbs in and so on.

    Pretty please – it’d be awesome.



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