Now Available: Publish Photos Quickly Using Camera+

WordPress integrates Camera+
If you’re passionate about posting great photos on your blog, you might just fall in love with this new feature. If you have Camera+ 3.0 on your phone (and WordPress for iOS 2.9.5 or higher), you’ll be able to quickly post photos using the Camera+ app! Simply launch the WordPress app, and tap the Photo button.

Posting a photo from the Camera+ Lightbox is dead easy. Tap “Add Photo from Camera+,” and your phone switches to the Camera+ app – select a photo to load it into the WordPress app. Add a Title and a Description (both optional), and boom! You’re done.

Using Camera+ to snap your photo is just as easy. Tap “Take Photo with Camera+” to switch to the Camera+ app’s camera. Make a “meow” sound to locate your cat, add effects, borders, and crop your photo. When you’re done, just press “Use” and your photo is imported into the WordPress app where you can add details if you want.

What’s Next

As more camera apps open up their features for other apps, we’ll look into making more options available. Camera+ was the first to open their app up for integrations, but hopefully more will follow.

For now, the Camera+ options are only available for the Photo button on iPhone, but we’re hoping to add it to the Post Editor very soon as well. If you don’t have Camera+ on your phone, the options simply won’t be shown. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news first.

Do you use Camera+, or another camera app? Please let us know in the comments!


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. Awesome but is the image size dictated by the dimensions of the image or the dimensions set out in the “Media Settings” section of my blog? It seems like it’s the former.

    • Currently you can only specify the size of the uploaded image, and not tweak the CSS to set how big it’s going to be in your post. You can change the upload size settings in the Settings app, but the “Always Ask” option is not triggered by the Photo function so it defaults to “Large” instead.

  2. While this is a great start (and I mean it, this feature made roughly 50% of my decision of moving back to WordPress), can we please:
    - (as per your post) Have the ability to use CAmera+ in the Post Editor?
    - have the ability to add more than one pic in the Quick Post
    - have the ability to add tags in the Quick Post
    - get the Media Settings to behave coherently accross the board (camera+, quick post, post editor, web editor)

    • Thanks for the kind words. What did you move from?

      * Camera+ options are coming to the post editor, it’s only a matter of time. We wanted to get this out quickly and so it was the fastest option.
      * We might make it so that you can pick multiple images and that the post is then turned into a gallery post, but this is not planned at the moment.
      * The ability to add meta-data in the Quick Photo function is not likely to happen, however we want a feature to allow you to “migrate” the Quick Photo into the Post Editor in the future.
      * I’m assuming you mean Media Settings in your WordPress install. We need a core patch in order to be able to do this, but yes – it’s coming. At a fundamental level it’s mostly about finding good default sizes for image uploads, but keeping it simple (like using a 1024px size image by default, with the only other option being Full). Then we’ll implement the image sizing options to mimic wp-admin, so that the image is only scaled, and not actually only 280px wide. How would you prefer this to be done?

      • We can’t wait either! You can already upload multiple photos to a single post though, as you may know – you just have to use the regular post editor. In the future these two editors will be synced up.

  3. Isn’t this worthless in its current implementation? The photo is too big to add as a post. How can the photo be scaled down to say 600px to fit on a blog post?

    • The Photo function uses your app’s settings for photo size, as determined in the Settings app. It doesn’t support the “Always Ask” option though, so it just uses “Large” for those cases. I recommend checking the settings out and testing them a bit.

  4. I’d be excited about this if my WordPress app worked AT ALL! Can someone pleeeease help me? I’ve posted on numerous forums and received no replies. About a month ago my WP app on my iPhone just stopped working (been using it successfully for several months and loved it!) I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now I can’t even add my self hosted blog. I type in URL, username, and password and it spins for a second like its thinking then completely crashes! Over and over and over. A million crash reports sent, a million more attempts… I’m at a complete loss!! Have all the newest versions/ updates. Help?! I want to be able to update from the road again!!

    • @Misty I’m sorry to hear that you are having these problems! WordPress for iOS relies on XMLRPC for basically all of it’s functionality. It looks like you may have a plugin installed that is restricting access to xmlrpc.php. Can you check your plugins for a plugin called WPIDS? I believe that is the one that is causing you these headaches. ;)

      I created a trac ticket for this issue that you can follow. It can be found here.

      I also created a list of problematic plugins on the WordPress for iOS forums. These plugins are known to cause problems with all of the WordPress mobile apps.

  5. It would be really great if we could specify custom upload sizes (pic width, in particular) in the Settings app. Depending on the constraints of our WP theme, we all might need something different for this…

    • Eventually the app will use the image size settings as specified by your theme by default for the various sizes. In the meantime you can specify a width (say Large or Original) that’s bigger than what you’ll need, and make the adjustments in CSS.

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