3/4 of all crashes fixed

Over the last few versions of WordPress for iOS, we’ve been able to eliminiate more than 75% of the crashes reported. While a lot of work remains to make the app as stable as we want it to be, we wanted to share the chart below which details the number of crashes per app version over the last 5 months.

WordPress for iOS 2.8 will soon become available, which has further stability improvements as well as some exciting new features.

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  1. Can’t upgrade to 2.7.2 it sais “Application not compatible – requires iphone 3.1.3 software update.”

    I have iphone 3.1.2(7d11) software running wordpress for ios ver 2.6.6.


    • You should upgrade to 3.1.3 and download version 2.8 when it is approved, as v2.7.2 doesn’t currently work on 3.x devices.


  2. I dont know I you guys read this, but a very anoying bug for me is:
    when I try to edit an article created on the pc with the iphone app it automatically resets all the categories it belongs to to “uncategorized”.


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