WordPress for Android Version 1.2: Geotagging and Video Upload

WordPress for Android version 1.2 has been released to Android Market. Some great new features have been added:

  • Video upload and video sharing to a new WordPress post.  If you have a WordPress.com blog, video upload works great with VideoPress.  If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you may need to install the PJW Mime Config plugin to allow the 3gp video files to be uploaded to your blog.
  • Post geotagging support (enable geotagging first in the blog settings window). If you are running a self-hosted blog, install the geolocation plugin to show your location.
  • HTC Tattoo Android Market fix.

Here’s a few screenshots of the new features:

Instructions for installing WordPress for Android can be found on the Download page.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. When I try to refresh the Android app to show the latest posts and comments, I get an error message:

    Connection Error

    SocketTimeoutException: The operation timed out. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No change.


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