WordPress for Android 1.0 Release

We’re pleased to announce that WordPress for Android is now available in the Android Market. The initial release has focused on giving you the ability to manage your blog while on the go.

Features include the ability to:

  • Configure and manage multiple blogs
  • Comment moderation including the ability to reply to comments
  • Create and Edit Posts including categories, tags and photos
  • Create and Edit Pages
  • Get notified of new comments in the Android notification bar

Here is a brief video showing the app in action:

Users of the popular wpToGo app for Android will feel right at home in WordPress for Android 1.0, as the source from wpToGo has been used as the foundation for the WordPress app. wpToGo will be discontinued as all development efforts move forward with the Open Source WordPress for Android app. If you are interested in contributing to the development efforts, please visit our dev site at dev.android.wordpress.org.

So grab the new app by visiting the download page and if you have questions or issues visit the forums to get help or suggest new features.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. This will be a great add-on benefit to users of WordPress as a CMS, since they will now be able to update their site content anywhere, anytime.

    Looking forward to downloading, testing & using on a regular basis for our own WordPress sites, but also for client sites.

    Great app!

  2. Link to “dev.android.wordpress.org” needs to be fixed. Needs “http://” added.

    Very exciting, though the steps required to access to sourcecode are not at all clear. Looking forward to hearing more on this!

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  5. That’s great, glad for those who use Android. Hope you’ll have an iPad version too in 90 days! (Yes, I know of the iPhone one … still.)

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  7. Ah, good job. It’s great to see this app completed.

    Although I must say that you stole my thunder from me, I was hoping to work on that as a GSoC project, now I need to find something new. good job though.

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  9. For noobs like me- you need to make sure “xml-rpc is enabled”

    do it via – under Settings -> Writing

    I found it thanks to the post link below-

    WordPress › Support » delicious blog posting failed when xml-rpc is enabled on the blog

    Posted 4 months ago #

    Sounds like you need to enable XML-RPC for that blog, under Settings -> Writing

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  11. WordPress you are going to be shocked! I ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!!! In fact, I was just praying for you to get an APP for the Android just last week! You’re good!

  12. Quick question…

    What about security?

    Are the logins encrypted? Is the session encrypted? How secure is this?

    I love the idea and am thinking of buying an Android, but I’d like to know my site is secure even when logging in from my phone.

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  14. Is there a way to determine where in the post the photos go rather than all at the end? I saw someone who posted from an iphone and her photos were where they belonged throughout the post.

  15. Ich habe alle Daten (Blog, Benutzername, Passwort) korrekt eingegeben. Der Blog, in dem ich Mitglied bin erscheint auch, ABER ich kann keine Posts, Kommentare, etc. abrufen oder schreiben. Was mache ich falsch???

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  17. Installed 1.0.2 from Android market on my Nexus One.

    Generally speaking, it is awesome…

    An incompatibility issue to report:

    It does not work well with WP2Laconic plugin. If “Publish” is clicked, and then send to my WP blog, will crash WP 1.0.2.

    The post is already posted but the URI generated by WP2Laconic is crashed and the “twitter” push to my laconic site is incomplete.

  18. Thanks; this is excatly what I need to get some posts down! I sometime have outlines of post ideas, but forget as soon as I get on my laptop.

  19. Its worked great thanks until now when I wanted to save but not publish, to return to later as something happened I needed to react to.

    Post saved as a local draft but I can’t seem to open it to edit and post? What haven’t I worked out?

  20. When I try to log onto my site via the app for Droid I keep getting this error message:
    “the application WordPress (process org.wordpress.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Why do I get this error ?

  21. as we all know, especially in Indonesia, wordpress has made great value on their development. very please on every news, style and etc. I m so proud using wordpress as they had gave me more knowledge. and now “presenting WordPress for Android” it will make me creative to adding more knowledge about it. Thank you WordPress, I love you.

  22. Thanks guys. It seemed totally crazy that this was available for iPhone but not Android. You’ve righted a wrong!

  23. Its worked great thanks until now when I wanted to save but not publish, to return to later as something happened I needed to react to.

  24. I can’t get this to post correctly.
    WP-hosted site, can view old posts via Android (HTC Desire). Can create a new one, hit publish and it says it’s done it – but when I try to view the new post via PC or handset I get a 404: not found error. Have uninstalled and reinstalled Android client.
    Anyone have any ideas?

  25. Hi. I am getting the below error
    “the application WordPress (process org.wordpress.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”

    I am using Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro – Android 1.6

    Any guesssings?

  26. Hi, I used Android’s WordPress on my phone. Had no trouble navigating and posting, but it did NOT forward to my subscribers. Any idea why? what can I do to have it send to my subscribers with future posts?

  27. Well this is really great news for all WordPress lovers. Now i can use my blog on my android tab where ever i want with no restriction. Great and realy looking forward to see it’s updated versions.

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