(Almost) Ready for our Close-up

Update: We’ve updated the site with a gallery of new screenshots.

While we continue to work on ironing out the remaining wrinkles, we thought we’d share a few bits of what’s to come in WordPress for iPhone. When the app launches, we’ll hit the ground running with support for multiple blogs, creating and editing posts, uploading photos from your library or the camera, even privacy settings. And that’s just what we’re starting with — we’ve got some ideas in the hopper that should make managing your WordPress blog incredibly simple, wherever you are. Here’s a few screenshots of the upcoming 1.0 release, just to whet your appetite.


If you need support for one of the WordPress apps, visit our support page.

  1. and i have a nokia, why not supporting a nokia, or a sagem or a lg? hahahahaha.
    Come on guys, using blackberry is a risk missing all the stylish things that belong to apple hahaha.
    (i am only having the touch), but with using Joikuspot on a nokia i also have a small ipod touchphone :-)

    Cant wait till the application is there!


  2. What’s going on, why hasn’t it been released yet? It has been more than a week and we haven’t heard a word from you! In the last post from July 10 you said that the App was going to show up very soon, well, the time for very soon is about to expire. What’s going on?

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